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Monumental New Moon in Leo

The next New Moon is on Wednesday 19th August 2020, in Leo and at it's fullest at 3.14am in the UK. A time of significant goal setting, daily visualisation and intention setting practices by you to bring our dreams into fruition. The energies are going to continue to challenge us throughout the remainder of this year; everything that is around and within us is made up of energy. As energetic vibrational beings what we emit we attract back therefore work on your thought processes constantly.

Life experiences distort our perception and thinking so it is therefore vital to regularly clear the emotional energy blockages that have built up within the body from traumatic events, so that we are not living in a state of fear, negativity or dread, no matter what shows up. Learning how to clear emotional stress patterns is life altering and improves your overall health, wellbeing and happiness. There is more on this topic here: Why You Should Incorporate Reiki Energy into Your Life. I am excited by how many of you are starting to understand the importance of connecting in with energy.

Prior to the New Moon, disruptive energy shifts will begin with astrological clashes from tomorrow, 13th August, as Mars in Aries squares up with Pluto in Capricorn. This is all about the power of the individual against the power of the governments which will force leaders in politics and governments to begin big shake ups, as corruption and secrets are uncovered, and protests are magnified. It is why I have spoken previously, if possible, you avoid travelling to the USA or if living there, work on daily protection and grounding and keep yourself safe.

This combative period is heightened by sudden and frenzied energies, as Uranus goes into stationary Retrograde on 15th August, seeing obstreperous energy shifts both days either side of this. We will experience the continuation of extreme natural eruptions (earth quakes, volcanic explosions, tsunamis and plagues of insects) so personal self-care and grounding is your biggest tool to thrive. There are predictions of Internet issues too, remember that things go 'wrong' so that you can take a new route. We cannot change what happens outside of our inner world therefore our strength, courage and fear removal strategies are paramount. If you want help with your enlightenment journey, with balances and creating calm, relaxing personal energies then do get in touch and we can book in-person or distance Reiki Treatments, an Intuitive Reading to review your personal life path or one of my Spiritual Coaching or other Courses.

The positive aspects of this cycle are the massive female awakening, and overall awakening, of many more souls to discover true enlightenment and a unified consciousness, beyond anything we have seen before. Together we can change the world and improve the journey of those we love. There will be great things coming out of the colossal energy shifts of 2020 and your personal spiritual awakening will considerably help, not only for yourself but the world as a whole. We are here to help others, to remain centred, balanced and increase our knowledge of the dynamic power of energy healing, healing modalities and natures crystal healing.

The build up to the next New Moon is set to challenge and unsettle us but is much needed for society to improve and grow to a more beautiful way of living. I definitely recommend planning and building your food stores and products, as the potential of another disruption in supplies could well occur due to the natural disasters that are predicted. This does not need to be a panic, but a slow storing of provisions so you and your family are cared for. Set intentions, be super clear of what YOU want whilst in your current physical form and enjoy the manifesting journey. It is once again a strong moon phase, new souls are being conceived and born to support the new world and it is exciting when we look outside of the chaos and stay positive ourselves.

We are all amazing beings and it is now our time to truly transform and blossom, 2020 will certainly be going down in history! Do not let your own or external limitations hold you back, we are here to thrive, aim higher with your New Moon Ritual Goal Setting more than ever. Your heart chakra is a big focus this month, cleanse and clear any blockages from the past and step into your truth. It is the main organ pumping the blood around your body and is surrounded by a huge energy field that when nurtured, allows you to more easily connect and use your intuition frequently.

Be grateful for all you have and all you are about to embody within your personal world. Take more walks in nature, appreciate the beauty that encircles you and energises you. Happiness is a journey not a destination; lets make the most of all we have so we can attract greater joy, love and abundance to us. Hang on to your seats during the unsettling times, knowing that societal change is much needed. I have said it over and over but 2020 is YOUR year to fully awakening and live a path of enlightenment and bigger connection with the energies that encompass you. There is always positivity in everything, build on your strength, grounding and heart-based journey in August. Do get in touch with any questions, to book one of my services and to let me know your own experiences.



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