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Why Innerdance - Be-cause.

Updated: May 1

A question I am often asked ~ Why Innerdance - Be-cause ~ the use of energy and powerful playlists, to activate the neural pathways of the brain, reawakening your forgotten self, amplify your healing journey, a re-remembering of the core of who you truly are. Discovering the cause of what is bothering you and potentially holding you back, any distress, ailments, self-doubt and much more. A dance that happens inside of you, not a physical dance, a regeneration of you, reawakening your latent DNA, bringing it back online, returning your 'forgotten' skills to you, stolen by the old ways of living, manifesting a return to your brilliance. The current systems on earth prevent the remembrance of us, the energies are upgrading daily, sessions activate the re-awakening of self. Innerdance is being used to reorder humankind.

Pi Villaraza: "Earth, itself, was conducting its own playlist on my brain" during his, chosen, two year hermitage on an island in the Philippines.

Visions, past life memories and trauma show up for releasing, which occurs in a lucid waking dream state, ushering your mind, body & soul into full coherence. The sessions are a concert, a symphony, for healing, the sequential musicality brings about memories, activating the sympathetic (fear, anxiety, excitement) and parasympathetic (trust, rest, digest) nervous systems. Generating a return to your brilliance, a rebirthing of you, awakening latent DNA, when you allow yourself to fully surrender. 

Sessions create a frequency of energy vibration for language, linguistics, psychology, & the methodology of brain functionality reflecting the different histories of the world and all we need to clear to thrive. The core of each one of us is made up of language, thought, culture, the universe and the mind.

Innerdance Online by Emma Hands

We are activating the systems within you to help you to let go of control, to trust, relax and heal yourself. Allowing you to be afraid without being scared, clearing the anxieties from within. Rewiring the brain to function in greater levels of happiness, love and joy, working with the upper brain, the emotional, the ‘old’, the left and right, and reptilian brain. A new schooling system for seethe mind, body and spirit - becoming space and time - staying there - and then becoming time and space.

Sessions awaken your natural abilities further, trigger anything that needs to be worked through, emotionally, physically and mentally, and upgrades your innate healing capabilities. Music and energy clearing can heal the wounds that medicine cannot touch, freeing your soul. You need to change your body, in order to change your mind, so surrendering to the power of the music playlists and energy activations, strengthens multiple parts of your life. Innerdance = re-wiring the brain, it is LIFE, a blueprint for oneness, not just a healing system.

Innerdance Energy Alchemy Online by Emma Hands

Getting to the root 'cause' of imbalances in your thinking, self-worth, health and wellbeing is the only real 'work' you need to be doing. There is actually no separation, when we strip away skin colour, language and financial status. No one is better or more capable than another, so much depends on our teachings, beliefs, and who we surround ourselves with.

The body knows how to balance everything out, we must just listen and allow our own systems to guide us. Innerdance stimulates triggers, positive and negative, to help you re-wire your mind, body and spirit. I love this quote from Pi - Your room = your body & mind. Does your room need reorganising? Innerdance = the inner re-design of YOU, re-design is not just for your home, your external world. I listen to a playlist and apply energy healing to myself daily, on waking, to set me up for the day, so very empowering.

As facilitators we activate you energetically, to enable control to be released, to trust fully in your own potential, power and untapped/forgotten expertise to heal yourself, and others. We aid you in confronting your fear, letting go of aggression and moving on from anything previously holding you back.

Your Kundalini Energy is your crystalline energy, your Christ energy, a sacred oil, a plasma frequency, that resides at the base of your spine and it is dormant until we raise it. The taurus field outside of you extends up to six feet outside of you, as your magnetism strengthens, the depth of your quantum field expands. Your taurus field is like a donut shaped energy around our physical form, as the Kundalini oil rises up the spine, your chakra system begins to purge, over and over with daily practice, constantly flushing out your soul’s vessel. This is why some say it is demonic, because it energetically purges low frequencies out of your energetic body = you face your demons and they are purified by your Kundalini energy. You feel the energy rise up your spine, up your fascia, releasing any tension. The body can literally purge, causing feelings of nausea, vomiting, as big emotional releasing happens. Intense hot flushes, sweating, as the heat of your kundalini oil rises. The energies rise up into your pineal gland, your crystalline DNA energy is activated and a reality/matrix purge occurs – Your lens of life adjusts to a higher frequency. People fall away, food tastes improve, old vices are rejected by the body, a human software update. Your connection to the Universe is strengthened, a cosmic orgasm.

Innerdance initially helps you find a way to shut down the linear thinking process, the noisy brain. With so much information pumped out into the world is creates confusion, stress and uncertainty. When you do not know who to believe, it lessons your power with confusion. Now this is all transposing, we are evolving into who we came here to be. We are divine, sovereign beings, here to live in freedom, love and joy.

Pi + the many facilitators, have got Innerdance being used worldwide within Schools and onto the curriculum of the schools in the Philippines. In addiction clinics, prisons; companies; eco-community; as a training modality for practitioners in the medical, psychiatric and therapeutic fields. Innerdance provides links between the energy process and the medical scientific fields, it is growing exponentially. In Pi's words: "Innerdance is an ever-growing conversation on how rehabilitation and insight might emerge from collective journey spaces. Learning how the energy process might find application in places that crave for depth, flow and deep listening."

Higher Consciousness by Emma Hands

Pi was in a dark place when he stepped away from his status, friends and the control systems, and found true joy, peace and happiness, living on an island for two years, eating only coconuts, and receiving how to bring the magic of Innerdance to the world. Opening his heart and mind to the power of healing with energy and music frequencies. Innerdance creates the opportunity to become what you can become. Every playlist is the circadian rhythms of the earth, creating certain combinations of brain states that bring about an earth frequency. Earth was conducting the playlist on Pi Villaraza’s brain during his time in isolation. An assimilation that he conducts, an initiation process, Mother Earth is the one who IS.

A mantra: I AM..the universe, it is with me, I am my own healer, guru and judge. What I say think and do is under my full control.

The branded activations, who will remain nameless here, have playlists that are on a 'loop', way too similar, causing an 'addiction', a need, preventing people maintaining their strength to bring themselves into harmony, love and peace themselves. Again, believing they need something outside of themselves to exist and thrive. Nothing outside of you is needed to be your magnificent illuminated, whole self.

Benefits of Innerdance for Children by Emma Hands

As Facilitators, we are the placeholders for the music and energies but YOU are healing yourself. We help you face, cleanse and clear the old, to become the new, awakened you. As Pi says, 'to be healed is to be seen', are you ready to access higher states of consciousness and reset your nervous system to live a life with more ease? Listening to a playlist daily, I have found the personal transformations magnificent. All you have to do in a session is find a quiet place at home, lay on the floor, surrender your thoughts, cover your eyes and immerse yourself in the music and energy activations.

Your brain is a synthesiser, innerdance is reverse engineering its functionality, for greater healing, hence why it works so well with extreme illness, mental health issues, any level of discombobulation in the human soul. A natural stimulant for healing, bringing context to something that is complex, repairing the intelligence of the world.

Children achieve new levels of balance, and relief, from behavioural and attention issues, releasing trauma, and attaining calmness, peace and grounding. The unique souls amongst us that have been labelled with Autism, ADHD, ODD, attain a greater understanding of themselves via the subconscious mind, discovering a renewed sense of peace and clarity. Sessions help hypersensitive, empathic souls with issues of anger, learning difficulties, neurodiversity, confidence building, communication and relief from growing pains. Our destiny is to have Innerdance on more of the curriculums/home schooling schedules throughout the world, mental health institutions, hospitals, everywhere, to improve healing and teaching practices.

Innerdance is open to everyone, everywhere via Zoom, Worldwide: Bookings, Group or Private 1:1 Session, at a time to suit you or join a weekly class. Drop me an email with any questions, and let's get your healing journey advancing, to match the wonderful energy upgrades streaming into Mother Earth this 2024. Innerdance has the ability to take the poo and make something beautiful out of it, turning darkness into light. The energy you need is always inside of you, healing naturally, and successfully is your dharma, you are immortal, when you believe it to be so, new earth is forming and huge change is upon us.



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Innerdance Online via Zoom by Emma Hands

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