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Natural Remedies For Upgrading Your Physical Form

Re-sharing, as I constantly update the content with new findings for upgrading us. We are being called to question all we have been told once more, I know it can feel hard/confusing, that others think you are some kinds of crazy. Certain members of my family think all I say is an attack on them, a trigger that needs healing that they do not want to work through, and that the 'system', the 'science' is right not the actual truth. It was upsetting (past tense), we cannot help everyone, only those living in their heart, not their mind, or in the controlled agenda. Those realising the lies are all part of the plan to control us, causing sickness, mental struggles, and heart ache, are healing themselves beautifully.

The aim of this blog is to share some of the knowledge I have gained, that has aided my energetic journey of transformation, changing my physical form. The emotional and energetic healing needs to be done, but there are many natural remedies we can consume and place on our bodies. Time to fully release victim mode and take ultimate responsibility for ourselves. This then makes it easier to stand in your power and vibe higher moment by moment. By emanating a frequency of love, compassion and non judgement, you are helping the world heal.

Eating a big breakfast, smaller lunch and evening snack or fasting for a period of hours and eating twice in the day has ground breaking effects on your soul's vessel, on your energy levels and mental wellbeing. I choose to be vegan, gluten, dairy & sugar free, consuming a little natural sugar and sourdough bread, with my avocados for breakfast - so any wheat content is easily digested during the day and does not drain my energy field. When I went out for one, of the two, evening meals whilst away recently, I had a vegetarian moussaka and the small amount of cheese I ate, lead to a very disrupted sleep and bloating. The same happens with sugar, the ability to sleep peacefully is denied, hee hee.

I rent apartments, when away, so that I can prepare and make my own foods, have my daily cacao, and take snacks for my day, it works so well and my body, mind and soul but we are all unique amazing beings, so you do you. Cacao dilates our arteries by 40%. It is all up to you, everything is a choice, I stopped eating meat in 2014, as they are hung upside down to crossover, and I refused to put this negative energy in my body, same with dairy. My journey with fish and eggs ended at beginning of 2022, after an astral travel journey to activate my Merkaba, leading to the soul's of the meat and fish communicating with me about the awful life they experience in order to end up on the shelves/plates of humans. I am very grateful for this, my soul's vessel has improved and my healing abilities increased, thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the messages I see, sense and feel.

One excellent guide, available on TikTok, removed from other platforms, and written about on Google as bad, because she is helping so many heal naturally and thrive, is Barbara O’Neil and all her training videos,

~ Why you shouldn’t drink milk

~ Not such thing as catching a cold: - just that vitamin D levels drop, hence why the sun is our biggest healer

~ Aspirin - brain bleeds

~ Our skin care products can contain damaging shite too, an example: & there are so many more to help you raise your vibration, to heal naturally, without feeding the pharmaceutical industry, and further lining the pockets of the corrupt souls.

~ Blood Sugar Levels - stop blending fruit

~ Toxic Free Toothpaste: by a soul who was a dental nurse for 14 years & is now enlightened about the poison that is fluoride

~ Fluoride toothpaste we know is bad - a good explanation about the dangers of the ingredients of Colgate:

~ Mercury poisoning - how to stop needing to pee all the time - adding more potassium to your diet:

~ NO Tap Water or Bottled Water Smartwater is made by Coca Cola 🤦‍♀️

~ Natural cold remedy 

~ Cleaning your home without adding toxins to the air

~ What not to put in the fridge & why eating clean is important - food has DNA:

I say often, here is more proof, re the corrupt 'doctors' & legal drugs given out freely, causing people to believe they are sick, manifesting more sickness.

Gary Brecka, also on TikTok, has many helpful videos to assist the opening of your eyes to the truth: Illness is not Genetic

~ Alcohol consumption hurts you, like sugar, made as something to be desired/needed to survive:

Meat 'alternatives' need to be investigated too, one of the biggest ones, Beyond Meat is owned by 'that man' and full of dangerous shite. EMF's are severely damaging our souls, please don't 'wear' their products on your physical form, turn off your Wifi, electricals, & phones at night. This also aids with not picking your phone up on waking, or during the night, the blue light is hurtful to you, and the info you see can effect your sleep and dreamtime.

Another healthy phenomenon that many of us are benefiting from is organic, hexane free Castor Oil. I use it as moisturiser, rubbing into the belly button at night leads to a deep, restful sleep and it assists with so much. TikTok is again the source for this info, this lady has multiple examples of its power the main stream would rather we feed the beauty industry and further line their pockets, up to you, as always:

Conscious Shopping

Natural Eco-Friendly Products: Peace With The Wild

Bamboo Toilet Roll + Tissues: The Cheeky Panda

Organic Vegan Skincare: Nourish Cosmetics

Accessories, Vegan Ranges - Dr. Martens + Immaculate Vegan + Adidas

These are all suggestions/examples...if you feel triggered by anything I, or anyone else, shares then please look into why, to heal and grow as an individual. Dis-ease is manmade, we DO NOT have to live this way and the more souls that can take this onboard, incorporate healthy living into their lives, then the world WILL change. It is all part of the process of the evolution of Mother Earth.

Sending LOVE to you all, we are all one and are going through massive personal growth journeys to step outside of the 3D Matrix. Releasing any fear, is paramount to ensure we do not call in the shite they are trying to bring into form. To book guidance, healing or my teachings then do get in touch.



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