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Energy News + Full Moon in Scorpio April 2024

Updated: Apr 21

The Eclipse energies have sent emotions spiralling, one minute we are on top of the world, the next we feel like everything is crashing down, which it isn't. A collection of ripe energies that we need to allow to mature within our physical, emotional + mental form. As we pull ourselves back into gratitude, and appreciate the transposing of Mother Earth, balance is restored. If you are feeling unable to stabilise your energy field, stuck in the gluppy, old fear-based doubt and confusion, then double your self-care habits. I ensure to listen to an Innerdance playlist, apply quantum energy healing restoration and practice my daily rituals, otherwise chaos ensures. Find what works best for you, it is all part of the integration process of the new energies, the new atmosphere, and surges of positive energy waves. Keep hope and love in your heart, strive to keep grounding, remaining focused and optimistic. Talk to others who are potentially feeling the same way, and striving to better life but feeling confused, this will help build your community too.

Full Moon in Scorpio April 2024

April's Full Moon in Scorpio is on 23rd April 16:48 Los Angeles; 19:48 New York + 24th April at 00:48 London, UK; 01:48 Europe; 09:48 in Sydney, Oz. The Scorpio sting is being felt already, manage your energies so you don't remain 'fighting' yourself, judging + criticising self and all that is occurring, rather than seeing the bigger picture. Let's be enigmatic, vibrant, strong and determined, the main Scorpio traits, regardless of what else is going on.

Emotions will remain in overdrive for a few more days, as we approach the moon shifts and mercury retrograde ends, both on 24th April. We are sensing a real split in ourselves - 'who am I? Why am I here? I thought things would be easier by now?' then 'life is amazing, I am enjoying the upgrades and new energies, I get this'. Totally contrasting emotions, testing us to believe in magic, the evolution of humanity, and our own intuitive guidance. Dial into your inner gps, tune into the energies of your higher self, and call-in adventures, laughter and ease of living, instead of stress, doubt and worry.

Prior to the next moon phase, + adding to the feelings of 'a storm is brewing', we have the astrological 14 year cycle of Uranus and Jupiter conjunct, this Sunday, 21st April. Uranus is aptly the ruler of revolutionary change, genius and liberation, and Jupiter is the boss of expansion, growth and good fortune - so perfect to have these energies combined at this time! Allow these power houses to get you excited, their wild, unpredictable, even eccentric vibes are coming to uplift the energies, clear the air, and open the doorways of your heart wider! Let's have some fun with this and forget about the boring, mundane stuff seeming harder to get motivated to complete.

Beltane Festival 2024

May embarks with the energies of Beltane on 1st May 2024, which originates from the Celtic Sun God 'Bel' or 'Bellenos' + 'tene' meaning 'fire = 'The Fires of Bel', starting May on a high, upping the power of the energies unfolding. So although it feels 'challenging', please know the air is clearing and planning a ceremony on the 1st is a wonderful idea for those looking to bring a new soul into the world - be that in the form of a child or a new version of themselves.

Then on 5th May 2024 we have the 5:5 Portal of abundance, opportunities and energetic windfalls, which will surge our decision making capabilities. The veils between the worlds are super thin right now and this day highlights this, so be sure aware of your thoughts, actions and emotions. Each monthly portals open a window of energy, to help us ascend further, expanding our consciousness and the connection to our higher self, when we are open to it. Although we have talked about mass awakenings, everyone has free will, and that is the same with every energy upgrade, YOU decide to transcend or not daily. This portal is in the best sign (biased much heehee) of Taurus, an expansion of our perceptions, chances to manifest and reap the abundance we all desire - in whatever form that takes for you, friendships, relationships, money etc. A day to release any guilt, shame, fear or unworthiness - you deserve all that you are calling into the here and now.

Time for a party, a walk in the park or swim in the ocean, whatever transports you into calmness, peace and excitement. Our sensitivity is on fire, constantly removing the demon/negative entities + energies from your soul's vessel, will ensure you vibe high, no matter what. As always, I am here to help, as a conduit for the quantum energies, be that via Online Innerdance Kundalini Sessions - Private + Group; Intuitive Coaching - talking through + retraining your thought patterns, to match your increased energetic vibration; an Online Reading via Zoom, to review your life path; Distance Quantum Energy Healing - fully remote with a follow up email of all I sense from the session; Cord Cutting/Energetic Imprint Removal Ceremony, again fully remote. To secure your spot: Bookings Online.

The Full Moon in Scorpio April 2024 provides a beautiful chance to write down, burn and release all that has come up for you since the Eclipse. Making time for a ritual is a divine way to call in the next stages of your life path. Sending oodles of compassion, love and excitement your way, you have got this and were born to shine brighter than you ever imagined. This video explains how your vibration aids so many other souls, all who you interact with or just pass by, Maps of Consciousness. Be your strong, magnificent self, enjoy + trust in the processes of change, I love you.



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