Intuitive Readings with Angel Tarot & Oracle Cards

Angel cards are gentle tarot and when combined with my intuition and oracles cards,  the reading allows you to see your current path and recognise what you need to alter in your life to get to where you want to be. Readings can be a great form of counselling and can help you to resolve issues concerning relationships, life purpose, finances and so on.


Intuitive Readings allow you to see the energy changes needed to achieve your life purpose. Each one helps you see what the future potential is based on your energy. If you don't like what the cards show can change. Change your thoughts, change your life! 

Emma has numerous packs of cards & selects those she most feels drawn to for you. Some of the favourites are those by Colette Baron Reid & Kyle Gray, Angel expert,who had a profound effect on Emma and connecting with the angels many years ago. Session pricing is based on the length of the reading that you would like. Email with any questions and to BOOK or complete the Contact Form

Intuitive Readings with Angel Tarot


Distance Readings 

via SKYPE, Phone or Email.

Distance Readings are amazing, It is a great way to look at your current situation, your future and what you need to review and change, to get where you want to be. I love helping you discover your life path, do get in touch with any questions or call +44 (0) 7949089265. Special offers on multiple sessions and flexible appointment times.


Readings are available via SKYPE, Phone & Email - Click ADD TO CART & Select the option best suited to your needs. For readings via email: I work with your photo, location details and anything specific you are wanting to work on &/or a question you may have. ​

Distance Intuitive Readings


Intuitive Reading Gift Vouchers

A unique gift for birthdays, Special Occasions & a celebration. The recipient can book at a time convenient to them and receive a review of their life path, based on were they are now and the current thought processes. 

Distance Intuitive Readings Vouchers


Intuitive Reading Voucher


Guided Ritual for Cutting the Cords of Negativity.

A guided ceremony to cut the etheric cords from your energy, barriers of fear, cords of the past, stored anger or resentment to people and situations, anything that no longer serves you and that can be preventing you moving forwards. With all relationships, friendships & interactions energetic cords form and attachments need to be broken and released often. 


Frequently releasing the negativity that builds up within us allows us to strengthen our energy and build on the goals and dreams that we are working on manifesting. 

Every minute of every day we share and, therefore, pick up energies from others. Cutting cords recharges our energy, helps us feel more peaceful, free and open to new opportunities. 

Guided Ritual for Cord Cutting


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