"Emma is an Earth Angel that has rescued me more times than I can record. She is realistic, honest, genuine and truly a magician at her craft" 

—  Elizabeth, Crystal Reiki 

Client Reviews

Some of the Testimonials from my beautiful clients for my Crystal Reiki Treatments; Past Life Regression Sessions; House Energy Cleansing Services; Reiki COurses; Spiritual Coaching and Intuitive Card Readings. Please do feel free to leave your own comments via Google, Handserenity Facebook Page & or by email. 

Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions

Distance Animal Reiki Treatments

Certified Reiki Level II Course:

Distance Crystal Reiki Treatments

5 Star Google Review from Carla

"I'm so grateful to have found Emma by complete synchronicity many years ago, and then later again at a particularly tough time in my life, which her expertise helped navigate beautifully. 

I've been having her crystal reiki treatments every month since then, must be nearly 2 years now. She very intuitively knows when something isn't right, and she treated me briefly from a distance when I was in acute pain once. So, when it was time to self-isolate, I did not hesitate in requesting that we continue treatments from afar.

Our usual pre-treatment chat was carried out via FaceTime and I had my bedroom all set (with a quick little spring clean) to begin. I even though of requesting the music that she usually has playing, so I downloaded it quickly and presto, the scene was beautifully set and the whole experience as powerful as ever. I even saged my room straight after the treatment and got a lovely reminder from Emma to ;'drink lots of water' too.

What a relief to know that nothing, even as serious as this pandemic, can get in the way of my monthly alignment. Thank you so much Emma!  

Crystal Reiki Treatments:

"She is realistic, honest, genuine & truly a magician at her craft." Elizabeth 

Review for Crystal Reiki & my Introduction to Crystals Course:

Reiki Treatments + Sound Healing:

Crystal Reiki Treatment with Tuning Fork to reset the DNA of the human body.

"I wanted to email to say how well I felt after my Reiki, my energy & to my total amazement my knee, which is now workable & taking the strain nicely enabling me to walk properly. The tuning fork did a wonderful clearing, & during the session lit up my heart chakra. Thank you for your power & belief which I can carry with me at all time." Sue

"I had a wonderful Reiki session with Emma this week. It was incredibly relaxing. I've had a few turbulent weeks selling my house & moving on from my ex. I left feeling Emma's immensely calm, with a much bigger spring in my step. Emma is a very talented healer, I would highly recommend you try her. Handserenity indeed!" 

Abi Nimmo Reiki Treatment 

Crystal Reiki Treatment 2019

"the way her intuition tapped in was so special." Adelle 

"Had the most amazing day with Emma, level 1 reiki. Emma is a fantastic teacher and I learnt so much. I woke up this morning and the first thing which came in my mind was the 5 reiki principles, I felt very blessed. Thank you Emma for everything xxx" Tina

Tina Moxon, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Level I Workshop 2017

House Energy Cleanse 2019:

Reiki Massage Quote.jpeg

"Emma is a fantastic teacher & I learnt so much." Tina 

"I was in desperate need of some distressing and a calming influence. Emma gave me both. Emma was so relaxed and focused and the environment was so beautifully balanced and calm. The Reiki was a very new experience for me but afterwards I felt so much more centred and relaxed it was wonderful. Even the sceptics should give it a go, as I feel certain they won't be disappointed. Thank you Emma"

Freya Scott Reiki 2016 

"Even the sceptics should give it a go as I feel certain they won't be disappointed" Freya - Reiki Treatment

"I would recommend Emma and her magic to anyone."

Maria - House Cleanse

Emma knew that it was my first experience of Reiki, and so she made me feel really comfortable by explaining everything to me, in advance. it was a wonderful experience. I have never felt so relaxed and calm: in a really deep way. It was an opportunity for me to reflect and focus on my body and mind, together. Emma is very professional as well as highly intuitive and empathetic. I was so happy and positive when I left the session, and it was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Emma. I will be coming back for another session, soon. Sheena

Sheena C Reiki Treatment 2016

"I have never felt so relaxed and calm, in a really deep way." Sheena - Reiki 

"I was amazed at how accurate my reading was!" Amy B - Angel Tarot Reading

"I was amazed at how accurate my reading was! It really helped me to understand my life and my Future, I will definitely do it again. I found the whole experience really relaxing too and I learned a lot from it. Emma is Fantastic and has a deep understanding of the cards. I highly recommend this service."

Amy B Angel Tarot 2014​​

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