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Client Reviews

Testimonials from my beautiful clients for my Crystal Reiki Treatments, In-Person + Distance; Reiki Courses, In-Person + via Zoom; Soul Retrieval + Past Life Regression Sessions; House Energy Cleansing; Spiritual Coaching, Psychic Surgery and Intuitive Card Readings. Please do feel free to leave your own comments via Google or by email. 

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5 Star Google Review from Tina

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"I'm so grateful to have found Emma by complete synchronicity many years ago, and then later again at a particularly tough time in my life, which her expertise helped navigate beautifully. 

I've been having her crystal reiki treatments every month since then, must be nearly 2 years now. She very intuitively knows when something isn't right, and she treated me briefly from a distance when I was in acute pain once. So, when it was time to self-isolate, I did not hesitate in requesting that we continue treatments from afar.

Our usual pre-treatment chat was carried out via FaceTime and I had my bedroom all set (with a quick little spring clean) to begin. I even though of requesting the music that she usually has playing, so I downloaded it quickly and presto, the scene was beautifully set and the whole experience as powerful as ever. I even saged my room straight after the treatment and got a lovely reminder from Emma to ;'drink lots of water' too.

What a relief to know that nothing, even as serious as this pandemic, can get in the way of my monthly alignment. Thank you so much Emma!  

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Review for Crystal Reiki & my Introduction to Crystals Course:

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"I wanted to email to say how well I felt after my Reiki, my energy & to my total amazement my knee, which is now workable & taking the strain nicely enabling me to walk properly. The tuning fork did a wonderful clearing, & during the session lit up my heart chakra. Thank you for your power & belief which I can carry with me at all time." Sue

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"Had the most amazing day with Emma, level 1 reiki. Emma is a fantastic teacher and I learnt so much. I woke up this morning and the first thing which came in my mind was the 5 reiki principles, I felt very blessed. Thank you Emma for everything xxx" Tina

Tina Moxon, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Level I Workshop 2017

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"Emma is a fantastic teacher & I learnt so much." Tina 

Reiki Explained by Emma Hands
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"She is realistic, honest, genuine & truly a magician at her craft." Elizabeth 

Reiki Quote by Emma Hands
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"If you are looking for any courses with Emma, without doubt - don't think twice - she's gifted" 

—  Bhavna, Spain, Reiki Level I & II 

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"I had a wonderful Reiki session with Emma this week. It was incredibly relaxing. I've had a few turbulent weeks selling my house & moving on from my ex. I left feeling Emma's immensely calm, with a much bigger spring in my step. Emma is a very talented healer, I would highly recommend you try her. Handserenity indeed!" 

Abi Nimmo Reiki Treatment 

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Crystal Reiki Treatment 
"the way her intuition tapped in was so special." Adelle 

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"I was in desperate need of some distressing and a calming influence. Emma gave me both. Emma was so relaxed and focused and the environment was so beautifully balanced and calm. The Reiki was a very new experience for me but afterwards I felt so much more centred and relaxed it was wonderful. Even the sceptics should give it a go, as I feel certain they won't be disappointed. Thank you Emma"

Freya Scott Reiki 2016 

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"Even the sceptics should give it a go as I feel certain they won't be disappointed" Freya - Reiki Treatment

Georg Review Google.png
Google 5 Star Review Marie
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"I have never felt so relaxed and calm, in a really deep way." Sheena - Reiki 

Emma knew that it was my first experience of Reiki, and so she made me feel really comfortable by explaining everything to me, in advance. it was a wonderful experience. I have never felt so relaxed and calm: in a really deep way. It was an opportunity for me to reflect and focus on my body and mind, together. Emma is very professional as well as highly intuitive and empathetic. I was so happy and positive when I left the session, and it was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Emma. I will be coming back for another session, soon. Sheena

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Sheena C Reiki Treatment 2016

"I would recommend Emma and her magic to anyone." Maria - House Cleanse

"I was amazed at how accurate my reading was!" Amy B - Angel Tarot Reading

"I was amazed at how accurate my reading was! It really helped me to understand my life and my Future, I will definitely do it again. I found the whole experience really relaxing too and I learned a lot from it. Emma is Fantastic and has a deep understanding of the cards. I highly recommend this service."

Amy B Angel Tarot 2014​​

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