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Intuitive Life Coaching 

⚛︎ mental ⚛︎ emotional ⚛︎ physical ⚛︎ spiritual ⚛︎ energetic guidance

Limiting beliefs can cause feelings of being 'stuck', creating doubt in your abilities + self worth. Let's work on improving your self-talk, so you can shine, as your true authentic self.

Quantum Coaching to assit your journey to your highest potential, your most magnificent authentic self, ensuring fear & worry are no longer part of your life. Working on thoughts, feelings and experiences that can be holding you back from achieving your ultimate dreams. Guidance for when you are looking to expand your life path/purpose and harness your intuitive superpowers. There are many factors that can prevent you from moving forwards in so many areas of your life. ​We can work via Zoom - Globally or In-Person, London, UK.


A commitment to re-learn a lot of what you were previously taught, unlocking your subconscious programming, improving your perception, so you can thrive and have more fun, no matter what you are doing. The changes can appear overwhelming, but living outside of fear is enlightening and allows for a new level of happiness, adventure and love (both for yourself and others). Releasing old thought patterns takes practice, therefore weekly or fortnightly sessions are advisable for the first few months. Personalised training is done on a 1:1 basis via Zoom or In-Person, weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions to resolve the bad habits that you have learnt over lifetimes.

Learn How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

Are you, or your children, empaths, looking for guidance to better understand, + manage, all you/they see, sense + feel? Sensations of being different + need advise on how to manage your energy field?

Benefits of Coaching

  • Discover how to experience life through new eyes

  • Learn you new ways to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, + any challenges that affect your emotional, mental + physical wellbeing.

  • Investigate ancestral, parental, or self created, programs that manifest as blockages 

  • Enjoy increased love + abundance as you get out of your own way

  • An upgraded state of consciousness is achieved with every level of healing you do

  • The improvements you make assist with integrating the downloads of light, upgrading your latent DNA + bringing your dormant skills back online 

  • Combine with In-Person or Distance Quantum Healing, so I can remove the negative energy blockages, whilst we work on your mindset

  • Book & Pay In Advance to SAVE, drop me an email for booking queries or to ask a question

Intuitive Self-Mastery Coach Emma Hands

Becoming in-tune with your own energies, + your internal & external existence, raises your frequency, allowing you to vibrate higher more easily, moment by moment

Cancellation Policy: ​Please provide 48 hours notice if unable to attend your appointment. We will endeavour to re-arrange the treatment within 7 days. Cancellations within 48 hours will be charged at the full rate. 

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