Relearning Thought Patterns and releasing old habits takes practice. Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Sessions Advisable, especially for the First 3, 6 or 12 months. 

Are you looking for guidance on your spiritual journey? Monthly Spiritual Coaching will help guide you to clear all that is holding you back and aid your brain retraining journey. Subscribe or message for greater discounts when paid in full in advance.  Sessions via Zoom.

Personalised training is done on a one-to-one basis via Zoom. I have been on a Spiritual Journey for over 20 years & want to share all that I have learnt so you can enjoy all the love & abundance life has to offer. Learn how to retrain your thought patterns & release old habits to experience life with new eyes. Living outside of fear is enlightening & allows for a new level of happiness, adventure & love (both for self & others). 

Sessions are £95 per hour or Sign Up for 12 months & SAVE £££'s

Spiritual Coaching Sessions via Zoom

Spiritual Coaching Sessions via Zoom


Introduction to Spirituality Course

Classes to enhance your life journey & to help you be the best version of yourself, to live your life purpose and learn tools to deal with the challenges life presents to us. 

What we think, we become and learning new techniques and thought processes to ensure we bring ourselves back to positivity at every opportunity, even in difficult times, is a life-changing experience. I teach all that I have learnt (& continue to learn!) on this life journey and my background that brought me to be spiritually awake.. Do Email with any questions / enquiries or complete the contact form HERE.


One-to-One Sessions via Zoom and at a time to suit you. Save ££'s when paid in full in advance.

In-Person Training:

Introduction to Spirituality

Introduction to Spirituality

£85.00Regular Price£75.00Sale Price

Training Via Zoom:

Introduction to Spirituality via Zoom

Introduction to Spirituality via Zoom


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