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Psychic Surgery with Reiki

Psychic Surgery is a non-invasive energy healing treatment process that, when combined with mindset coaching, can see your health and wellbeing transform. It releases negative energy; heals emotional difficulties; relationship issues; addictions, and spiritual and health problems. All our problems are within our ability to solve and it is important to realise that there is always a higher purpose for everything in our lives. What we consider a problem is an opportunity to learn and grow. Using inner guidance and developing new techniques that allow you to tap more deeply into your ability to live more positively, without fear and worry, is paramount for your overall health. It works in the auric field of the recipient and can be an extraordinarily, powerful and effective tool in addressing specific emotional + physical ailments and energy blockages.

The main reason people are not in optimum health is caused because consciously and subconsciously we hold onto energy blockages that stem the flow of life force energy within the body. ‘Disease’ & ‘illness’ occurs as these blockages are manifested within (often subconsciously) from trauma; negative thoughts; holding onto stress + aggression and not allowing forgiveness to happen. This can then distort the life view, cause relationship, and life problems. Basically, any emotion, belief, and/or memory that is not positive and healthy leads to disease. The blockages usually take on a particular shape and lodge in or around our organs, chakras, and the auric field. Health problems and other difficulties continue until our perspective and actions are altered. Once the blockages are removed, the life force energy returns to its normal flow and health can be restored. It is a two-way street, with the recipient working on their mindset and thought processes alongside the treatment. 

The Process             

  • Step One is to complete approximately 3* to 6 Reiki Treatments to begin to 'peel back the layers of emotional, mental, and physical blockages that have built up through your lifetime

  • Step Two is to give the cause of the most pressing problem an identity, to allow you and I to focus directly on the issue and work to release it

  • Giving extreme issues an identity can be very healing in itself as it allows you to bring the cause into awareness where it can be dealt with/faced up to

  • Step Three is finding the location of the most important blockage related to the underlying problems and deciding what it looks like

  • Step Four - let me do my magic and work through the body releasing all that no longer serves you and removing the most pressing difficulty from your physical form

**This is an estimate, everyone is unique in their life journey so it can take more or less work to get to the root cause of the issue(s). If there is any resistance during the session, from your energy field, thoughts, or from the blockage itself then additional emotional healing is needed. The blockage can have a  lesson for you that we can work through with coaching and reiki treatments until bad habits are removed and a new perspective achieved to aid the healing of your soul's vessel. 


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