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Children Are Our Future, Let's Empower Them To Be The Best Version of Themselves

Emma Hands Energy Alchemist
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Innerdance For Children

Healing for The Mind, Body + Soul

Resetting the neural paths, regulating the nervous system, and providing structure to the brain. Achieving new levels of balance, and relief, from behavioural +  attention issues, releasing trauma and attaining calmness, peace and grounding. The unique souls amongst us that have been labelled with Autism, ADHD, ODD, attain a greater understanding of themselves via the subconscious mind, discovering a renewed sense of peace and clarity. Sessions help hypersensitive, empathic souls with issues of anger, learning difficulties, neurodiversity, confidence building, communication and relief from growing pains. The brain is a synthesiser, the playlists bring it into coherence, working with the noisy brain to provide greater ability to manage themselves and the world around them.


All children are geniuses, with 100 billion neurons firing within, sequencing can be difficult, until we reorganise the brain, stimulating brain oscillations available during sleep, a lucid dreaming state, to advance their development and nurture their innate abilities. Teaching nervous system to deal with chaos in a calm manner, thinking beyond who we are. Clearing of emotional, physical + mental blockages, a conscious meditation,  generating renewed perspectives on everything. 

A dance that happens inside of us, not a physical dance. Lay on the floor, close the eyes + immerse oneself in the music + energy transmissions. 

'How do Spell Love?' Piglet ~ 'You Don't Spell It, You Feel It' Pooh ~ A.A.Milne

Emma Hands Energy Alchemist
Innerdance For Children

Benefits of Innerdance For The Younger Generations

~ Build greater  trust, peace, + harmony within themselves

~ Maximise self-confidence + self-worth

~ Safely activate dopamine - vast improvements achieved for those with Neurodiversity; Autism; ADHD; ODD - attention + anger issues, behavioural issues, language + trauma - bringing about calmness + grounding

~ Abilities increase to express their emotions positively

~ Playlists are good for emotional, cognitive + metabolic regulation through continuous use

🌟 1:1 Private or Group Sessions via Zoom*

🌟FREE 2 Hour Playlist for Children🌟 

Emma Hands Energy Alchemist

Emma Hands - Energy Alchemist & Coach

Emma loves to help people of all ages, especially the younger souls, those misunderstood by society, that require new levels of understanding, for the growth of themselves, their guardians and the world as a whole.  Let's ensure the next generations do not grow up with the fear, stress and worry we did, that they learn to be themselves now, rather than needing to find themselves at a later stage in life. Life is easy, because we choose it to be so.

Pi Villaraza - Founder of Innerdance

Pi Villaraza is a beautifully kind, gentle, soul who discovered the powerful life-altering healing vibration of Innerdance 17 years ago, during a 2 year coconut hermitage on a deserted Philippine island.  Awakening to the connection of us, the earth inside of us, the history of consciousness and depths of time and space for our expansion.

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Innerdance is practiced worldwide, and most importantly within schools in Europe, South America and is on the curriculum of all the schools in the Philippines. Sessions are conducted in classrooms through out the globe, and we plan to expand on this. It is used as a training modality for practitioners in the medical, psychiatric and therapeutic fields, providing links between the energy process and the medical scientific fields, it's use is spreading exponentially. 

Pi's words: Innerdance creates the opportunity to become what we can become. Each playlist is the circadian rhythms of  the earth, creating certain combinations of brain states that bring about an earth frequency, increasing our connection with all that is within and around us. Mother Earth was conducting the initiation process on Pi Villaraza’s brain, during his time in isolation, providing amazing insights into the power of energy and sound for healing the mental, physical and emotional form of all ages.

Cancellation Policy: ​Please provide 48 hours notice if unable to attend your appointment. We will endeavour to re-arrange the treatment within 7 days. Cancellations within 48 hours will be charged at the full rate. 

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