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No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it - Einstein

Emma Hands Self-Mastery Teacher
Emma Hands Intuitive Coach

The Art of Surrendering, To Bring Your Mind, Body & Soul Into Full Coherence.


A Rebirthing Process, Purifying Your Mind, Body + Soul

An energetic experience with human upgrading playlists, to cause a synchronisation of the neurons in the brain. A form of conscious meditation further unveiling your true identity, healing your core being. Innerdance is the accessing of altered states of consciousness, it has been likened to a psychedelic journey, without the drugs. Generate a different perspective on everything, especially things previously perceived as problems. Brain reorganising, as we stimulate the brain oscillations available to you during sleep, a lucid dreaming state, to advance your healing journey. 

A dance that happens inside of you, not a physical dance,

Accelerated clearing of emotional, physical + mental blockages, tapping into your quantum field of reality. Activate visions, past life memories & trauma releasing, usher your mind, body & soul into full coherence. The playlists are a dopamine hit, activating the sympathetic (fear, anxiety, excitement) + parasympathetic (trust, rest, digest) nervous systems.

Working with your Kundalini energies, to amplify your Pineal Gland, THE distributor of energy through the body, I have experienced beautiful personal growth, healing and re-awakening, with every session I do. 


Lay on the floor, cover your eyes + immerse yourself in the music + energy activations. 

Fully surrender EVERYTHING, not just that which you do not like, to open the aperture of your personal inner lens so you can see, sense and feel magnificently.

Awakening The Serpent Within - Master Your Energy, Master Your Life

The morphing of knowledge, transformative expansions of your consciousness + boundaries of perception + allow limitations to dissolve, as you journey to explore deeper aspects of you. Fire-up your spiritual intelligence, attain higher levels of self trust, create pathways for more cosmic energy to flow through you, strengthening your connection to the oneness of the Universe. 

A conversation of energy with your soul, working with your higher self to achieve a greater mastery of YOU. 

Awaken your kundalini for expanded self-love, self-awareness + sexual energies (tantra), increasing the unity of humanity. Magnify your self-realisation + embody a bio-spiritual advancement from the moment you surrender. Release out-dated aspects of you, an empowering internal experience. 

Benefits of Awakening Your Kundalini Fire

  • Increase self-confidence, self-worth, personal vitality & pleasure 

  • Each session builds peace, harmony + stronger levels of trust

  • Discover clarity around your life path 

  • Remove limitations that have impacted you

  • It helps to eliminate biochemical + energetic blockages in the body

  • Re-experience trauma, hurt + extreme fear to fully let it all go

  • Energy increases within the body, raising your frequency vibration

Super empowering with each activation, regular sessions = greater the results

Kundalini Activation Process
Energy Alchemist Emma Hands
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Everyone is unique, every session provides a new experience:

  • Emotional Release - tears, laughter, chatter, Light Language

  • Spontaneous Body Movement - stretching, dancing  

  • Repair to your physical form

  • Seeing Images, Colours, Memories for clearing + direction

  • Pins & Needles, Tingling, Feeling hot or cold

  • Receiving Clear Guidance/Messages

  • Sexual Awakening Senses

  • A deep state of relaxation + personal grounding

  • Reactions continue after the session, through dreams + insights, helping you realign your energies 

Online Innerdance Activation Review on Google

Innerdance Energy Activation
Online Innerdance Kundalini Activation Review

Emma Hands - Quantum Healer & Self-Mastery Teacher

A high vibrational soul who senses this method of healing has been reawakened within her to share with the world, via her on-going training with the founder Pi Villaraza. Energy is everything and at this magical time in history, activating your bodies systems to optimum levels is super healing & empowering. 

Cancellation Policy: ​Please provide 48 hours notice if unable to attend your appointment. We will endeavour to re-arrange the treatment within 7 days. Cancellations within 48 hours will be charged at the full rate. 


Online Session Preparation

  • Eat lightly, so the body is not working on the digestion process

  • Wear comfortable clothes (whatever this means to you)

  • Sign in to Zoom up to 5 minutes before the start time

  • Lie on your mat on the floor - without a pillow - expanding your spine

  • Session = 1 hour, brief explanation for new participants on the day

  • Check & test your volume & headphones as music is a key part of the journey

  • Brief chat afterwards, it is great to journal about your experiences - for you

Pi Villaraza - Innerdance Kundalini Activation Founder

Innerdance Kundalini Activation

The Magic of Innerdance 

Music & Energy Activations = Ultimate Personal Healing

Pi Villaraza is a beautifully gentle kind, soul who discovered the powerful life-altering healing vibration of Innerdance during a 2 year coconut hermitage on a deserted Philippine island, 17 years ago.  Awakening to the connection of us, the earth inside of us, the history of consciousness and depths of time and space.

Pi's words: Innerdance creates the opportunity to become what we can become. Each playlist is the circadian rhythms of  the earth, creating certain combinations of brain states that bring about an earth frequency. Earth, it's self was conducting the playlist on Pi Villaraza’s brain during his time in isolation, alone on the island. An assimilation that he conducts, an initiation process, Mother Earth is the one who IS. 

"In total silence, it’s that river that flows from the cosmos and into your heart. It was dancing from the higher self, and I was simply watching it move to the flow of the universe." Pi Villaraza