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  • Coaching + Distance Energy Healing

    Coaching + Distance Energy Healing Treatments - Worldwide SAVE when purchased together. Coaching to assist your journey to your highest potential, your most magnificent authentic self, ensuring fear + worry are no longer part of your life. Working on thoughts, feelings and experiences that can be holding you back from achieving your ultimate dreams. Guidance for when you are looking to expand your life path/purpose and harness your intuitive superpowers. Limiting beliefs can cause feelings of being 'stuck', creating doubt in your abilities + self worth. Let's work on improving your self-talk, so you can shine, as your true authentic self. Coaching Via Zoom - 1 hour + a fully remote Distance Quantum Energy Healing Session. Quantum Energy Healing works with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of your mind, body + soul. Energy is not limited by time or space and so you do not have to be physically present to receive the healing, allowing sessions to be conducted from anywhere to anyone, event or situation. Let's get your immune system boosted and working at it's optimum level, help you destress and thrive during life's challenges. All we need: 1 hour 40 minutes, email your postcode - for the energetic connection:

  • Distance Quantum Energy Healing

    Energy Healing Transmissions cleanse your soul, clear your mind, + aid the healing of the body.

  • Private Online Innerdance x 5

    Energy activations to fire up your Kundalini energies, to ensure the full clearing of all that no longer

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  • Crystals for Hormone Balance

    For men, it awakens emotional expression Smoky (SQ) + Rose Quartz (RQ) for increasing unconditional love Quartz ,the Master Healer, a stone of power, it is one of the most versatile crystals. harmony and calming tempers and aggression Apatite increases your appetite for life, a crystal for ‘clearing Clearing past hurts, anger and blame towards others, which leads to forgiveness and the release of the Being clear on what you want, and do not want, aids your health, wealth and happiness levels.

  • Creating Your Sacred Space

    I love my Clear Quartz Ganesh & other statues of Kwan Yin, Shiva, Buddha, Angels & many crystals Using Often my set includes: a mini Clear Quartz Ganesh, Angel Cards, Crystals, picture of Archangel's & my

  • Energy News + New SuperMoon in Aquarius Jan 2023

    Communication can still be tricky, especially until MR is over, so be as clear, concise and honest as Carnelian - motivation; Black Tourmaline - removing negativity; Tiger's Eye for abundance + self-esteem; Clear Quartz to amplify positive energies; Lemurian Quartz - raise your vibration + Rose Quartz for increased Lots of quartz energies this month but, as always, pick that which you are most drawn to and carry them

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  • 11 DAY CHALLENGE | Handserenity

    Karma will be more instantaneous and cleared. the magic stone, Amazonite - strength and courage , Selenite - grounding and clarity of mind, Rose Quartz

  • House Energy Cleansing | Handserenity Energy Alchemy | Globally

    Home & Office Energy Cleansing Regular space clearing to remove the negative energetic imprints that REQUEST A QUOTE When To House Cleanse ​ ​ ​ Moving to a new space, to clear the energies of past occupants Remote Home Energy Cleansing Remote clearing works because energy is everything. it can be improved no The smoke attaches to the negative energy in the air, dissipates and clears it, and transmutes it from


    . ✅ Understand the knowledge, capabilities, and attitude you already hold within, to succeed at clearing

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