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Energy News + New SuperMoon in Aquarius Jan 2023

This is going to be a wonderful year of transformation, positive progress, and ascension growth for humanity as we up level to become our superconscious selves. Are you feeling it? As more of you understand and embody the energies and that you make the choice to live in improved, more relaxed, happier environments, if only in your personal worlds, then it is impacting the consciousness as a whole. The world is evolving and the negative dark forces are crumbling, and although it may not feel like it for some of you, we are winning! There are now many more awakened souls who are challenging all that we were previously taught, questioning the shite pumped out by the media, and vibrating so high that the positive energies are contagious. When you concentrate on the vibration you emit daily then change occurs constantly.

It may seem odd to say, but we needed the darkness, the lies, corruptions, wars etc to challenge what needs to change, and it has reached such a peak that more are now 'forced' to awaken and face the truth to implement the massive alterations need to improve the way we all live. Things have been going wrong for hundreds of years and it is lovely to see the growth people are making, the healing journey's they are undertaking, and the work they are putting in so that everyone can live in harmony, with greater joy, abundance and love with no fear, anxiety or worry.

Our children are our future and it is paramount that we upgrade life for them now. Healing yourself, your 'bad habits' through thought patterns and so on, has a big impact on their health and wellbeing. Teaching them to work with the Moon Cycles, how to release negative thoughts, to talk about their emotions, how to set intentions, and how the energies within and around them can change their lives daily is life changing. The work we are doing now is so they can live without fear, stress or distrust, and it is the best gift we can give them, remember FEAR = False Ego Appearing Real.

The first New Moon of 2023 is a SuperMoon in Aquarius on 21st January at 20:53 London, UK; 12:53 LA; 15:53 NY + on 22nd January at 07:53 in Sydney, Australia. Supermoon's mean the moon is closer to earth and the opportunities for your expansion and healing are magnified. The Aquarius age is helping us with the ascension journey and the traits to incorporate are their strong independence, so that you can stand in your power and evolve. Their creativity, so you can upgrade your life, as you plan for the changes you are going to implement once Mercury Retrograde (MR) ends on 18.01.2023 (23.01 to be sure of positive outcomes). Their optimism, non-conformist attitude, and truthfulness are also attributes that are here to aid your January journey.

Communication can still be tricky, especially until MR is over, so be as clear, concise and honest as possible about how you feel, what you want to express, and what you are looking to achieve in 2023. Patience, assertiveness and determination all spring to mind this month, let's get manifesting, thriving and enjoying more of our time here on earth. Stop 'waiting for tomorrow' to apply more self-care, to book that healing treatment, or course, or retreat. It is your time NOW.

I will only write about the moon cycles that are super important in 2023, so as to not be repetitive, as awakening, working with the energies, and healing your ancestral lineage is YOUR choice, I can only suggest and encourage. The suggested moon ritual details are here: Moon Rituals and do what you are drawn to for each phase. Scream at the pad, burn the words, and remove the ash from your home, with either or both the new or the full moon, the same with your intention setting. Trust your intuition and do what you want to, depending on where you are on your healing journey, and what you are looking to produce. If you want coaching, energy healing, a house cleanse, a reading, a soul retrieval or to investigate your Past lives, then do get in touch. All can be done In-Person or at a distance/via Zoom/remotely, dependent on where you are in the world. I am based in Richmond, London, UK and I am going to help more of you evolve this year than ever before (my biggest intention for 2023).

Have a magical week and build up to the next energy shifts, the 11.1 portal opening was impactful this week. The energies are super interesting, even heavy in some aspects so that we 'don't sit on our laurels' and instead become the change our loved ones and the world need. Daily tuning into the energies, working with your intuition (your inner superpower) and communicating with your guides aids to empower your journey, healing and growth. We are all magical beings elevating our soul's journey to a whole new level.

Crystals for the New Moon energies: Selenite - angelic stone; Carnelian - motivation; Black Tourmaline - removing negativity; Tiger's Eye for abundance + self-esteem; Clear Quartz to amplify positive energies; Lemurian Quartz - raise your vibration + Rose Quartz for increased self-love + unconditional love for others. Lots of quartz energies this month but, as always, pick that which you are most drawn to and carry them with you/place in a prominent place so you see them frequently or build a grid with set intentions for the goals your desire.

Have a magical week as the energies build once more, any triggers are to help you see what needs working on and remember, happiness is a choice. Let's be better humans this year, sending you healing vibes and an abundance of love, we are all one.



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