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Crystals for Hormone Balance

Re-sharing this blog as I am constantly discovering new ways to balance the hormonal rollercoaster that so many women (and some men) experience every month. Everyone is completely unique on their life journey, and there are steps we can take to ensure we thrive, and enjoy each moment, regardless of how we feel, or what is going on around us.  I do not get sick, it is a statement I make daily, and it is lovely when I hear my clients say the same. It is very true that what we say, think and express, forms our day, our life.

Recently a client provided a good example of 'powering through' emotions to make the most of an experience. It was a day when a client was extremely caught up in negative thoughts, actions and behaviour's of those around her, that very nearly saw her throw away the chance to learn a life changing tool, it was a new beginning for her! We had a magic session, as I taught her Reiki Energy Healing Level I, it was her time. It is very exciting to see people's growth and greater belief in themselves. Don't give up on your path, even when you don't 'feel like it', overcome the negativity and thrive no matter what.

The Menopause is a complex one, personally I mentally, and physically, refused to go through it, the same as I refuse to be allergic to nuts anymore, or to get sick, and it works. It is like Dr. Wayne Dyer's Mum kept saying that she refused to get Alzheimer's and never did. The mind is such a powerful tool and we can take back the power over any negative and destructive thoughts. If we constantly believe we are going to be tired, out of symmetry, + frequently moan about it, then the negativity, illness or disease will materialise.

Crystals for balancing hormones, symptoms of menopause and the associated emotions:

  • Moonstone is a stone for ‘new beginnings’, inner growth and personal strength. It helps remove stress and acquire emotional instability, enhances intuition, success, and good fortune, in love and business. It counterpoises hormones and is excellent for PMS, pregnancy, conception and childbirth. For men, it awakens emotional expression

  • Smoky (SQ) + Rose Quartz (RQ) for increasing unconditional love for the self and others, removing fears and resentments, associated with mood swings, and calming the mind (RQ). SQ aids the removal of negativity, eases stress, dissolve cramps, relieves pain + headaches

  • Chrysoprase, for balancing hormones, encouraging joy, happiness and renewed optimism. It increases feelings of positivity and love, for attracting new love and abundance on all levels, and releasing forgiveness

  • Labradorite - Balances hormones and menstrual tension. It is known as the Magic Stone, as it changes colour in different lighting conditions, and has a lovely energy. A crystal to encourage intuition, the removal of negativity, banish insecurities and to get on and do it (whatever that may mean for you!). It relieves stress and regulates the metabolism

  • Citrine is very helpful for symptoms of menopause and balancing hormones. It is a highly protective stone that cleanses and energies your home, work areas and yourself. Excellent when placed in your wealth corner to, or your wallet, to attract abundance.

Crystals for Sadness, Anger, Worry and Self-Doubt, that surface due to the imbalances our body can go through include

  • Clear Quartz ,the Master Healer, a stone of power, it is one of the most versatile crystals. It protects against negativity, amplifies energy, and intention, and relieves pain. Aids the immune system and bringing the body back into equilibrium

  • Aventurine removes suppressed fear, defuses negative situations, promotes compassion, correlating blood pressure and stimulating metabolism, an anti-inflammatory that helps with skin problems, allergies and migraine headaches

  • Black Tourmaline is for intellectual acuity, for emotional stability, understanding yourself, increasing physical vitality and releasing tension. It also deflects radiation, EMF's from computers, phones etc, aiding your health

  • Amazonite a stone of strength and courage, for truthful communication, harmony and calming tempers and aggression

  • Apatite increases your appetite for life, a crystal for ‘clearing the way’ when adulting and emotional confusion clouds our perception of self, restoring our flow. The energy that lies within is the key to eternal happiness. It works to provide mental clarity, self-expression and calming stress around adulthood responsibilities. Truly knowing yourself is vital (Reiki Treatments help with this too)

  • Green Calcite is the crystal for transformation and its nickname is: This Too Shall Pass. A wonderful stone for creating energy of abundance, allowing your intentions to be realised. Excellent for manifesting a bright future, increasing communication, spiritual stability and mental fortitude. Break out of your comfort zone and transform your world

  • Carnelian is a stabilising stone that restores vitality and motivation, stimulating creativity. It improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals, stimulates the metabolism, aids female reproductive organs and increases fertility

  • Magnesite for personal happiness, love and relaxation with a soothing energy that aids with creative visualisation and imagination and activating amazing life changes! A stone to remind us to love ourselves, to build confidence and self-esteem

  • Crystals that work with the Sacral Chakra are perfect

  • Visit my Online Shop or email with any questions or to order specific crystals, the ones are only examples, always select those which you are most drawn too.

For those trained to Reiki Level II, using the below symbol in your self treatments daily will further help with the balancing and clearing physical, mental and emotional blockages. It is a powerful Kundalini Reiki Symbol, often used in attunements, that ignites down or up the spine cord (dependent on which way it is drawn), cleansing the Chakras. This symbol represents the Ki energy travelling along the spine. The two ways the symbol can be drawn:

With the direction of the stroke moving downward which will ground the energy.

With the spiral drawn upwards, the intention is that the energy will be drawn into the upper chakras.

Good to use for spinal and back problems and the menopause. It is often known as the Tibetan Fire Serpent.

Looking at that which you need to overcome will greatly aid your healing journey. Clearing past hurts, anger and blame towards others, which leads to forgiveness and the release of the negativity from your journey. What has occurred before, has already gone, work to let go of what others have said, 'done' to you and how they made you feel. You are in control of your destiny. Our perception is everything and can be changed constantly, to further improve our thought processes, brain retraining, and our ability to remain steadfast when our bodies go through hormonal changes and expansion. As we all know, what we do, and all that we consume, be it our thoughts, food etc all has a massive effect on our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Dr. Christiane. Northrup has a lot of guidance on the menopause in her many teachings, books, videos and blog via email that can assist you.

Monthly completing the Full Moon Releasing Ritual and New Moon Intention Setting Ritual helps a great deal, giving you focus and strength to move forwards and sends the vibration of what you truly desire out into the world, providing a considerable increase in your ability to manifest your dreams. Being clear on what you want, and do not want, aids your health, wealth and happiness levels. Previous blogs with details of nature's medicine for Fertility and Pregnancy can be found here. Reiki Energy Healing Treatments are excellent for balancing hormones, aid fertility, pregnancy and post birth, for relaxation, grounding, belief in your abilities and the removal of pain. A suggested Daily Affirmation is: "I am healthy, whole and complete".

Have an amazing month, big change is here.



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