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Creating Your Sacred Space

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Handserenity Altar
My Altar in my Reiki Room / Lounge

It is a very good idea to have a calm, decluttered space where you can take time to reground, balance and focus on what you truly want. Start small, then over time as you accumulate more items to add then, you can expand it. Don't be put off, if you have limited space, a corner of a room works well, the main RULE is ensure it is facing East.

N.B: Statues such as Buddha should NEVER be put in the Bathroom or Kitchen

Use Images of that which inspires you, one that I have:

Include Plants, I have a money tree & bamboo, both know to attract abundance in all forms.

Add statues or images of deities you are drawn to / that you admire. I love my Clear Quartz Ganesh & other statues of Kwan Yin, Shiva, Buddha, Angels & many crystals

Handserenity Crystal Shop
Clear Quartz Ganesh

Using your intuition, build grids with your Crystals, to represent what you enjoy or are looking to welcome into your world. This one is an Abundance Grid:

Handserenity Crystal Course
Wealth Grid

It is also a great idea to take a mini altar with you when travelling. Mine varies, depending on where I am travelling too, the protection I feel I need and additional tools I want with me. Often my set includes: a mini Clear Quartz Ganesh, Angel Cards, Crystals, picture of Archangel's & my third eye chakra stone.

My most recent travel Altar

To learn more about Crystals, my course for beginners can be a good idea, more details here: Crystal Course. The key advice is to follow your intuition and be sure to cleanse and renew it regularly. Next week I will revisit Visualisation Boards, another important tool to continue to attract miracles.

Have an amazing evening




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