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FREE 11 Day Portal Awakening Challenge - 11.12.21 to 21.12.21 

To help you navigate the energy transformations with ease as a new Portal opens and human consciousness upgrades further.

The  next few weeks are so important and trauma and triggers are going to continue to show up, to force you to heal them and move forwards. Karma will be more instantaneous and cleared. Spending the 11 days working on your emotional shadows will make choosing courage over fear easier so that you can thrive at the this time of life-changing human consciousness. Our goal is to truly believe that we live in heaven on earth, no matter what shows up for us.

The challenge will include Breath work; Guidance for Affirmation + Intention Setting + Crystal Maintenance and only takes 11 minutes a day. Recordings will be available to complete in your own time, no matter where you are in the world. More information about this part of our life journey in the latest blog, FREE 11 Day Challenge To Navigate The Biggest Energy Upgrade Earth Has Ever Seen.

Recommended Crystals to aid your balancing and growth journey include: Black Tourmaline - Removal of negativity, Labradorite - the magic stone, Amazonite - strength and courage, Selenite - grounding and clarity of mind, Rose Quartz - self-love and unconditional love for others, Obsidian - protection, Rhodonite - forgiveness, Super Seven - spiritual growth and Serpentine Jade - emotional cleansing.

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