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  • Understanding the Benefits of Crystal Shapes

    Understandably Eggs are exceptional for fertility, rebirth and bringing balance to your energy.

  • Advice for Hormonal Balance

    Avocados Egg yolks Healing Herbs & Spices Garlic Turmeric Cinnamon Cumin Ginger Cayenne Do all we can to look after the vessel of our souls greatly improves our mood, digestion, energy, metabolism, libido and even how our skin looks!

  • Nature's Antibiotics

    Cayenne Pepper is one of my favourite spices & I add it to everything, even mushrooms with eggs for breakfast sometimes.

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  • Test 11 | Handserenity

    For Protection & greater Spiritual Awakening Clusters Points Pyramids Dowsing, clarity around questions/decisions Manifestation, Blockage Removal, Extremely Focused Energy Pendulums Spheres Palmstones Eggs Benefits of Crystal Forms Clear Communication; sends energetic vibrations in all directions.

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