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My Further Awakening Journey 2022

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

I felt drawn to share with you about last Sunday’s Stargate Experience, when we activated ourselves to such an amazing level. We changed the nature of how our physicality works by upgrading our quantum energetic system, activating subatomic atoms within our bodies beyond anything the human race has ever achieved. Thousands of us meditated together, 3 times a day for 5 days, from all corners of the world, to aid the transformation of human kind. We cleansed and recharged our DNA above anything we previously thought possible, my life journey has been elevated exponentially in this year of 2022, life is truly amazing.

My spiritual journey has always been divinely guided and I am very grateful for my life path. Doing it solo has meant each time I am drawn to learn something new I can commit to the process whole heartedly, without interruption. Working in the corporate world always felt wrong yet felt necessary to ‘pay the bills’ because of the conditioning society has lead us to believe for years and years. A wide variety of jobs, plus the volunteering I have done, where all needed to ensure this path happened with ease.

I love being alive, which is wonderful to be able to say after ‘losing the plot’ sometimes and feeling this world was not for me because learning to simulate all I saw, sensed and felt took timeeee. The activations over the last few months have been so magical, where to begin! Having to ‘come out’ as spiritual meant I ‘lost’ friends, (the universe moved them out of my way) and even a lot of family ‘stepped away’, all meant to be. I struggled with who I was sexually for years and didn’t find peace with that until coming out to my family in my late twenties. I had been living with a woman for 6 years at that point, but had not actually said it out loud because of the prejudices. I then, some years later, went on to be a counsellor for the LGBTQI Switchboard in London for 4 years, and then a trustee for Pride London for 6 years, all whilst working full time, bringing the first women’s stage to a very male oriented event. Feeling like I had to go back ‘in the closet’ because of what I do was not great either, because of the societal prejudices.

Why I am writing about this I was unsure, I know it is all part of the process, but having to ‘come out’ as gay, then spiritual, then vegan, all because of the prejudices we are taught growing up/by society, is not ok. The way forward is a world full of NO judgement of others, or ourselves, and a complete shift in how we perceive life and everyone within it. I stopped eating meat + dairy in 2014 due to the abuse mother cow’s go through when their babies are stolen from them at birth, to ensure they keep producing milk, and because cows are hung upside down to die, and that negative energy could no longer enter my body, as I wished to be a clear vessel for those I help.

I was still eating eggs and fish until February of this year, thinking I needed the protein and omega 3, because that is what they want us to believe, but after an Astral Travel journey when I activated my Merkaba (another blog me thinks heehee) I went to M&S to pick up some lunch and the souls of the meat and fish in the sandwiches told me of the awful journey they had been on to end up there. I proceeded to walk out and, unless in a situation that requires I consume that which I do not agree with me, I step away. If I find myself in a situation where I must consume fish or diary then I reiki my food and apologise to those who lived only for us to eat them.

We all have a choice about what we eat, who we spend time with, what we say (to ourselves and others) and how we perceive life. Thankfully many of you are starting to understand that all we are forced to do and think is NOT ok. The taxes, charges and lies are a manifestation of the dark forces but they are being over thrown with all we are now waking up to and it is very exciting. There is so much b******t being pumped out that it is insane. Children are taught to eat the wrong food, think the wrong things, and as adults, must relearning everything, which is hard. Healing hurts but it is a journey that we all need to experience to change the trajectory of Mother Earth FOREVER.

Earth was originally created as a Garden of Eden but dark forces sent in dis-ease, anger and aggression, now that changes. So many are questioning all they have been taught that I am excited for the next phase, for all of us. We all need to clear any negative energy blockages that we are holding on to, physically, mentally and emotionally. Get in touch if I can help with that, or find another awakened soul to assist you, now is you time.

Our journey on Sunday was with the Elohim and Alcazar, activating us to transform and help more of you do the same. What an amazing experience, we are here to live in joy and reverse our ageing, our health and obliterate stress, anxiety and depression. This was a massive focus of the meditations, I have said since 2014 that I do not get sick and I don’t. I had one journey within the societal medical system when dark spirits tried to cross me over in 2021, via a car crash, but even then, I discharged myself, knowing ‘being in the system’ would only hinder my healing. A 'sickness' happened again at Glastonbury Festival this year, with the most extreme sunstroke, but it was just the universe ‘moving me out of the way’. It was time to return to my tent, and leave the energies of the festival behind because there were so many broken, unhealed souls present, and to once more heal myself.

Please know that everything you do is your choice, it was something you made a soul contract to happen before birth. Now we have the opportunities to transform our physical, mental and emotional journey, once and for all. I hope you take these chances to recalibrate your mental, physical and emotional selves.

One book I recommend to ‘go back to basics’ is Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, as it makes you look in the mirror and fully recognise YOU. Plus, the dictionary in the back explains every emotion related to the most common dis-eases and ailments. It is a priceless resource, that I use daily to help others work through the emotions related to their issues, so that they can heal themselves. You will always be drawn to the most relevant resource for your journey, so go with it, each time a new option appears. Now we must fully trust our intuition, allow ourselves to be happy, know that we are here to enjoy life and have lots of fun. Take lots of care of you and those you influence daily, such as the children in your world. We live in heaven on earth, let’s enjoy this ride.

It has taken years to accept and understand all I see, sense and feel, which is why I want to help more of you work through it all with ease and joy. We pick up on the energies of those around us soooo much, but you can learn tools to deal with it all, as I have, we have got this. We are one, super consciousness is here. There will always be more to learn, it is a lifetime of growth, compassion, and love for ourselves, that provides the foundation for others to achieve the same. Remember as you sleep, you are healing yourself, learning what needs working through to heal further, rejuvenating your body and transforming your life. Life is a hologram and we can manifest ALL we desire NOW, happiness is HERE.



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