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Understanding the Benefits of Crystal Shapes

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Crystals come in many forms and each one allows the frequency of the energies to be focused for specific areas you are looking to heal, manifestations you are looking to bringing into your world, for protection, as meditation tools, for spiritual growth and much more. Crystals of a larger structure, bring stronger frequencies and greater internal healing, as you can imagine!

The larger the structure of the crystal, the stronger the frequencies from them and the greater promotion of internal healing. These are often in the form of Geodes and Clusters. They allow the energy to radiate throughout the room and placing your other crystals on or next to them, charges and restores their energies.

Crystal Points concentrate and direct the energy within your space too, use them as the centre of your grids and to aid your spiritual awakening journey. Theses protective talismans strengthen your daily intentions; it is a good idea to place a note with your intention beneath them. Understandably Eggs are exceptional for fertility, rebirth and bringing balance to your energy. When you need guidance with decisions and plans then using Pendulums for dowsing works wonders. Decide which is left and right, ask the question and see which way the pendulum lands.

Palmstones (known as Pebbles) & Wands are the perfect meditation tools; holding onto them creates a powerful connection with the crystals energies, as you practice. There is a good stock of the Septarian pebbles (palm stones) for Seasonal Affective Disorder, much needed right now! Pyramids are sacred geometrical shapes that collect energy from the universe and centre it down to us (like those found in Egypt!). They supply extremely focused energy, aid with your manifesting and the removal of energy blockages.

Spheres facilitate clear communication, send energetic vibrations in all directions and represent a sense of oneness. For Lightworkers they are awesome divination tools, to use as the 'window' to information for the practice known as scrying (gazing into the surface) to connect with the conscious body and open the third eye to messages, guidance and strength of mind of spiritual expansion. Use to increase your perspective and repairing 'wholes' within the auric field.

This blog provides an overview of their benefits and uses; to learn more I have an in-person or online Introduction to Crystals Course. Plus, if you are drawn to use a particular one for meditation, for example, then go with it! Always trust your intuition over what others say, think and feel. Message / email with any questions about purchasing crystals. For those local to Twickenham, bookings available to view the full collection and collection/delivery can be arranged = FREE POSTAGE! To order specific Crystals, drop me an email and we can get your space generating the energies you need to heal from the crazy turbulence of 2020 before we enter the New Year.



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