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Total Eclipse + Super New Moon in Aries 8th April 2024

Updated: Mar 31

The Total Eclipse of the Sun on 8th April, this infinity year of 2024, will be the greatest planetary event in 5000 years. It occurs approximately 32 minutes (i.e. at 19:55 UK) after the Super New Moon in Aries, which occurs at 19:23 London, UK; 20:23 Europe; 11:23 Los Angeles; 14:23 New York + 9th April at 04:23 Sydney, Australia. An epic influx of energies for upgrading your physical, mental and emotional forms. The air we breathe is literally improving, the way we live is metamorphosing, our energies, our vibrational frequencies, are becoming more magnetic, powerful and aligned with each other. The eclipse holds gifts within it for YOU, for us all, and for nature, planet earth and the galaxy as a whole.

My understanding/definition of this Solar eclipse is a form of light, an energetic surge, that occurs when the sun blocks the moon, creating a light spectrum frequency transformation, that is different than what we would normally receive on Mother Gaia. This one is VERY important in the ascension journey for us all, a Hautapu, a Maori ceremonial term, meaning a period of extreme sacred gifting and the gift to be given back. A window of massive growth for everything and everyone, open to the energies within and around them.

Rainbow Bridge Quantum Leap

As we build up to this historic event, that has been prophesied for centuries, a collective purging is underway, you may have noticed emotions coming to the surface with speed and ferocity, needing to be cleared. A clearing of pain, hurt, and trauma happening exponentially as the energies are enhanced. We are being called to clear, cleanse and evolve to new heights. Those of us that have done extensive work are vibing even higher; finding we are more sensitive to scents, foods, signs, the activities outside of us, so many things. Those doing the work, are catching up with great intensity; and many will join us in healing from within, going within to listen to, and work with, their soul, their higher self, in new ways and allowing themselves to live in FREEDOM with these energy shifts.

On the day (8th), being very present, out in nature or somewhere peaceful and a loving environment is advised. We are going to permeate LOVE frequency energies during the 4 minutes + 28 seconds, including time before and afterwards, so the vibrational frequency of Mother Earth, and all who reside on her, undergo a LOVE wave of energies. A resurrecting of YOU, and those in your world, to new level of consciousness, and understanding of who you truly are. Opening your heart and strengthen your connection, listening to 528Hz frequency music for the heart, will aid your journey. During the eclipse worldwide many will be resonating the hum sound to bring the vibrational shifts into being.

The 4 minutes in numerology represent a wave length, the 4 pillars of creation. What was hidden is coming to light during this eclipse season, globally and personally. Greater foresight, revelations, and a shake down of the world as we knew it is underway.

Please become the neutral observer, what is 'true' is really jumbled up and challenging our clarity skills and ability to not get emotionally involved in the shite. The dismantling of the Matrix, the old control system, is happening and the strength with which you can maintain a powerful frequency, moment by moment, will see you thrive through any 'mud they try to sling at us'. Apply spiritual discernment, if it does not feel right, don't do it, engage with it or allow it to infiltrate your magnetic energy field. Do not permit yourself to be caught up in the emotional harvesting game that they used to play with us. Our emotions can no longer be used against us, we stand in our power, believe in our purpose, and know we are here to thrive.

From 1st - 24th April we have Mercury Retrograde in Aries, how you handle this is again up to you, energies outside of us can rattle our cage but we can recover quickly. It is like having negative thoughts, we work to release them, to make our habits better constantly, we just don't beat ourselves up, should we have them/experience them. Feel the feeling but don't become the emotion, witness it, allow it and release it - so that it doesn't turn into an internal emotional blockage.

We also have the 4:4 Portal of Opportunity opening to us, a monthly influx of energies, that can help you to prepare for the megalithic Total Eclipse + Super New Moon in Aries 8th April 2024. We are mastering our dragon energies within, this year of the dragon, our fire within, to boost our power, mental cognisance and to function in our truth.

Innerdance Online - Private or Group Sessions - fire up your neural pathways, open your kundalini energies, and aid this current journey in almighty ways. Recently I have seen some wonderful transformations for clients, as they surrender, face and clear, and embody themselves, and their personal magic, to new levels. It is divine to see, you are all capable of healing from within, moving on from the old stuff and resurrecting yourselves. More info here: Innerdance Kundalini Activations; Why Innerdance Be-cause; Why Awaken My Kundalini?

Lemurian energies are mighty strong right now, we are reclaiming our place on Mother Earth, so we can live with ease and grace. We are quantum jumping the energy fields every day - What do you want? How do you want to feel? Are you ready to release any wounding or are you 'happier' being a 'victim', a moaner, a worrier? Time for change, the difference is within you, you choose, we are crossing the rainbow bridge of benevolence, out of the extremely manipulated systems. Back to nature, working with the true calendars and cycles, the moon energies, the seasons and our innate abilities.

We have to work on our mindsets, our reactions and our capacity to be open to trusting in the process and taking action, even though we cannot 'see' what is next, we are releasing the old conditioning. We are feeling our way through life, working with our intuition, our heart energies, rather than over thinking, please believe in you and your power.

The ascension symptoms list is huge - you are not 'ill', your body is recalibrating to the energies, resetting itself, and notifying you want needs letting go off and what needs work. You will find you do not like the same foods, more sleep is required or less, that your thirst does not feel quenched, it is nothing to fear - just keep track of the signs and react accordingly. You know your own body and you do not need to visit one of those societal 'professionals' - you are going through an energetic circuitry upgrade, my eyes ring constantly, heehee.

LOVE energy is our focus, even if others try to throw you off, send them tenderness, just "Be in the situation but not of the situation" as Huna Flash says. Do not feed the draconian matrix, family dilemmas are surfacing, all forms of issues, it is how you react, how you interpret everything right now that is super important. Be guided by your gut feeling, your heart energies, and apply all you have learnt and grown from.

Spirit Transmission

As I always mention, some say we don't need to practice protection rituals, but as super duper sensitive empaths, wrapping ourselves in cocoons of energetic protection or activating our Merkaba, or however you apply shields of protection, will very much help you to close your energy field from dark energies. You can cleanse your energy at the front door, when returning home, to aid this, there are so many ways to do it, be sure to follow you own guidance. I always apply the bedtime matrix, the faraday cage over my bed, you choose your path at this time, you know best.

There has been a series of opportunities for us to transform life, the world, on this magnitude, let's take this chance into our heart and leap into the new earth (which is within you). You are in complete control, you choose, no judgement, no fear, rejoice in peace, love and happiness is our purpose. Please acknowledge any resistance, what we have been led to believe has been hard wired into us, so it takes courage, bravery and love for yourself, over and above everything else. You are re-writing and re-wiring your brain, your life, and that of those growing up behind you. It is lovely to see how many awakened young souls are here and being encouraged to be themselves fully and embodying their innate traits, rather than having them suppressed, as we did in the past, no more.

I love you all, sending you healing vibes, balance and clarity for the next few weeks. Take lots of care of you, and those close to you, recognise that you permeate sublime energies, that does draw the attention of others. Hence why I re-mention about protection, it is all for the good of the collective when people are drawn to your magnificence. See the lessons in all that occurs, clear the darkness, cleanse your energies, and allow yourself to shine. Don't play the old games, don't fall into the traps of grief, sadness and fear, instead rejoice, dance and love your life.



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A wonderful explanation of that is to come/ is here for us: The Total Eclipse of the Sun, the Greatest Planetary Event in 5000 Years:

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