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A Little Introduction To Energy Alchemist, Emma Hands

I am a high vibrational, multi-sensory intuitive, quantum healer and self-mastery teacher,

helping souls activate their innate abilities to heal themselves and live authentically in the here and now, handling challenges with ease and grace. My heightened awareness of the energies allows me to perceive energy as it flows, I am a conduit for the energies, you heal yourself through me. A super empathic, sensitive, clairsentient soul, here to help humanity evolve. I have done considerable work on myself, am developing day by day, so I confidently stand in my truth. I know my energies trigger some souls, that is my dharma, to be the vessel to aid their re-balancing journey, and lead them into full coherence, re-remembering all that was 'forgotten' prior to coming into the physical form, this time around.

New Earth is within you, it is not a place we are going to, it is a state of being within, forming the new world into existence. If you would like some coaching, do get in touch but know I say it like it is, so if you wish to be 'wrapped in cotton wool', only partially working on yourself, and expecting the healing to come external to you, then I am unable to be of service. We need to get to the core of any discombobulation in our worlds, to clear ancestral lines, and change life forever for ourselves, and the magical children of earth.

Goddess Isis

We can all heal ourselves naturally, my ongoing learning, and plethora of experience, allows me to be a powerful conduit for your healing and understanding of the new world we are creating but you can do it all yourself. We are progressing as human beings and my personal daily healing practices, involve energy work, activating my kundalini energies + merkaba, astral travel journeys, bio-locating + tuning in to the galactic energies, powerful innerdance playlists + self-healing arousing my dopamine levels, opening sacred space and communicating with my support team. I adore sharing all that I continue to learn, to help humanity advance and live more consciously on Mother Earth. Spirit will channel through me, with any guidance & messages needed to aid your journey, when the energies require them to step forwards. I am grateful to be able to treat, and teach, clients throughout the world, and help people learn how our thoughts manifest our world and our perception of it.

My spiritual awakening(s) peaked in 2012/2013, greater awareness of self and the energies of us + earth, continues daily. Some of my own physical healing includes, back in 2014 I removed my nut allergy, in 2016 I removed my period and refused to 'take on' the menopause - it is all a choice and often a construct of the dodgy matrix, even 'age' is an illness they created. In 2020 I healed a brain bleed, after dark entities tried to remove me from my physical form via a car crash, in 2nd lockdown during 11 months without a home, to add to the complexities, which built greater personal strength and belief in my abilities. Almost 100 days since I consumed the poison that is referred to as alcohol, and used by society to celebrate everything, perhaps so they can then 'forget' the joy the next day with the depressive content contained within it. Alcohol lowers our energetic vibration so much, which explains why I would drink it to stop myself from engaging with all I saw, sense and felt around others, but I was putting myself at extreme risk of attack from their dark, negative energies. I gave up beer when I stopped eating gluten a couple of years ago, so removing the occasional vegan, organic wine was easy. I say all of this to allow you to realise the strength and courage you hold innately within, that YOU can heal yourself, of everything.

It is super interesting who subscribes + unsubscribes at the moment, please know if you are happy with living in the old world, in the control matrix, then thank you for saving me from paying to send guidance to you weekly. Remember I love you all, I am here to advance your healing journey, not to 'awaken' souls - that has to be a personal choice, to transcend timelines and believe in the magic we are creating, with the uncertainty that comes along with it too and trusting in the process.

When you question all we have been taught, it is clear we have been suppressed and cajoled into believing 'they' care about us and our families, they don't. There is vast proof of this but do your own investigating, once you set your mind to being the change you want to see in the world, the information synchronistically shows up, YOU are so divinely powerful. Everything is a choice and right now you can manifest anything and everything, we are all ONE. I would love to help you to fully understand the power of the energies you hold, you emit, and how upgrading your vibration daily, sees you manifest beautifully, and move into a new way of being.



Energy Alchemist, Emma Hands

+44 (0)7949089265

P.S. More info on the Meet Emma Page

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