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Why Awaken Your Kundalini? Is it Safe?

Updated: Apr 22

Your Kundalini Energy is your crystalline energy, your Christ energy, a sacred oil, a plasma frequency, that resides at the base of your spine and it is dormant until we raise it. The taurus field outside of you extends up to six feet outside of you, as your magnetism strengthens, the depth of your quantum field expands. Your taurus field is like a donut shaped energy around our physical form, with the body inside of it.


As the Kundalini oil rises up the spine, your chakra system begins to purge, over and over with daily practice, constantly flushing out your soul’s vessel. This is why some say it is demonic, because it energetically purges low frequencies out of your energetic body = you face your demons + they are purified by your Kundalini energy. You feel the energy rise up your spine, up your fascia, releasing any tension. The body can literally purge, causing  feelings of nausea, vomiting, as big emotional releasing happens. Intense hot flushes, sweating, as the heat of your kundalini oil rises.

The energies rise up into your pineal gland, your crystalline DNA energy is activated and a reality/matrix purge occurs – Your lens of life adjusts to a higher frequency. People fall away, food tastes improve, old vices are rejected by the body, a human software update. Your connection to the Universe is strengthened, a cosmic orgasm.I am often asked these very questions, 'Why awaken your Kundalini? Is it safe? Safety is a concept, in the sense that it is how you handle all that arises, and the action you are prepared to take to re-train your mind, body and spirit, to remove destructive thought patterns and fully release the past.

Sessions regulate the nervous systems, which control heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, digestion, sweating + our fight or flight centre (sympathetic). Sessions specifically restore our parasympathetic nervous system, enabling the body to react calmly to changes in both our internal and external environments. Bringing balance to these two automatic systems is life changing.

Are the events that arise tough to face and work through? Absolutely, and it can be stuff from this and past life times, healing this part of your world though, heals your ancestral lineage and changes the trajectory of the lives of your children, grandchildren and their children. We literally break the spell of influence that the past/old had on us, and bring ourselves into the here and now in a most beautiful way.

Kundalini Serpent Awakening

Your Kundalini Serpent is the healing energy, coiled at the base of your spine, and can unleash/awaken spontaneously, or through controlled activations. The energy moves up your chakras, hence why many saying, your kundalini rising, revealing to you all you need to know, to be the enlightened, divine being you were born to be. Each session leads to a new level of balance and harmony, inviting your divine feminine and divine masculine to fall into sync, as you face, clear, and learn from, all you no longer want to be, see or draw into your life.

The healing energy that is activated within, is your own most powerful force for maximising your health, wellbeing, and to bring your dormant abilities back online. Serpents are symbols of rebirth, transformation and healing of the old, as we shed our 'skins' (e.g. fears, worries, traumas) and regenerate our mind, body and spirit, perfect, as this is what occurs when you awaken your kundalini. Snakes and serpents are a continual and eternal renewal of life, so with each activation a new level of recovery, self-understanding, and self-love are born.

I have been doing energy healing full time since 2014, working with the life force energies within and around the body. The Kundalini Activations are the last piece of the puzzle for achieving nirvana and true enlightenment. Celestial energy moves through your energy centres, to the crown (at the top of your head) activating your latent DNA and bringing your forgotten skills back online.

Is it safe? Yes, if you are ready to super charge your healing, without fear, doubt or scarcity. Can it be tough to face deep seated trauma, stress and so on, definitely, but isn't living unhappily, insecure, frightened, manifesting sickness, money issues, continual lessons on the same subjects, exhausting and constantly depleting your energy field? Your Kundalini energy lays dormant at the base of your spine, coiled up like a snake, at your root chakra, just waiting for you to awaken it!

Activating your Kundalini Shakti is beautiful, life transforming and allows you to welcome in a new greater version of YOU. It brings a clarity of thought and a rebirthing, as if you are meeting yourself for the first time anew.

A lot of the 'traumatic' awakenings happen spontaneously, when souls are not clear what is happening or why. That is why allowing your kundalini to rise and awaken with the powerful Innerdance playlists and energy activations we use is magical, breathtaking and super transformative. Don't let the scary headlines stop you from becoming the best version of yourself. It is your choice how you interpret all you see and hear.

Trusting your gut, your heart and your mind are your biggest drivers for ultimate success. Don't do it, or do it, you choose, seeing the changes to the lives of those who have participated in continual, regular, Kundalini Innerdance Activations is lovely, inspiring and heartwarming, to say the least, from all corners of the globe. Anyone can take part, the desire to fully surrender everything at the start, all emotions, anxieties and self-doubt are all that is required, so you can evolve with each session.

Kundalini Rising

Awakening your Kundalini Shakti has profound, enlightening, and healing, effects on your life and therefore that of those around you. As you stand in your power, trust in yourself in greater ways, and repair your soul's vessel. Any subsequent aches, pains etc will just magnify where the trapped emotions are, allow you to work out what most needs your attention to advance your life. To be honest, what are you waiting for, why put of embellishing your current life journey? Chakra magic happens as you open up your energy centres in a whole new way.

Many of my clients have a Private Kundalini Activation Online or In-Person, then participate in my regular Group Online Sessions. Once a month I have a Group In-Person Session in Richmond, London, UK, next date tbc for this month. Please message with any questions you may have about these transformative sessions. More of my blogs on the topic: Why Innerdance Kundalini Activations - Be-cause + Kundalini Activation Innerdance Sessions (KA) + Working With Kundalini Goddess Kali Ma.

Sending healing and love to you all,



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