Dazzle this Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

One more week of planning to go, before the next phase of Mercury Retrograde takes hold & exacerbates the areas of communication, possible technology complications and the need to work on our anxiety levels. The energies have begun to slow down and the days are drawing in, this affects the moods of numerous souls on this earth. I always go through a dip in balance, trust and belief in the future when darkness is so prevalent. I love light, bright environments, people and situations and even more so at this time of the year!

The next period of Mercury Retrograde (MR) occurs from 31st October - 20th November 2019 and then we get a break until 17th February 2020 (phew!). How MR affects you is unique to you, your choices and actions at this time. Booking a Angel Tarot or Oracle Card Reading now, for example, can allow you to look a what needs finalising, what your key focuses are and how your current thought processes are impacting your manifesting and what to adjust, before we enter the energy changes. The more prepared we are, the greater the levels of survival and thriving at this time.

It does not need to be a 'bad' time or a 'troubled' time, it can be very grounding and healing

as we clear emotional baggage and solve issues that have been causing 'stress'/fear with us.

It is important to be extremely clear with all forms of communication (speaking, listening to others, what you read, research, negotiate etc). It is advisable to send multiple versions, if necessary, to validate the information and ensure you are correctly understood. It is also highly recommended to not sign any big contracts, buy or sell any big purchases or undertake any new agreements, unless they have been in the pipeline and the terms planned out already (or unless your intuition is 1000% sure, remember you know best!)

This season is also perfect for a Spiritual Cleanse, as nature is shedding its leaves and throwing out the old, it can be good to do this in your personal life and your surroundings. Decluttering, smudge your space and organise, it works wonders for your mental health and wellbeing. If there is something you have been 'putting off' then get to it, you will thank yourself once it is completed!

Crystals that are perfect for Mercury Retrograde & the transition to Autumn and the shorter days include; Labradorite, Amazonite, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, Jasper Kambaba, Shungite & Selenite. Many are available to purchase here: Handserenity Crystal Shop or if they have sold out, message me & I will add some more stock or see you at the Market in Richmond or Twickenham soon (Events Page)

Be conscious of those you interact with and it is good self-preservation to step away from anyone that drains your energy, causes you unnecessary stress or is too busy 'hiding' from healing because they prefer the 'victim' mentality. People only have 'power' if you let them, you are in control, use your energy and attention for those who want to help you grow, thrive and embrace the here and now.

Use the positives this energy provides to motivate you and pull on your strong ambition and achievement skills to overcome challenges and accomplish you to-do list with ease, laughter and release of any anger. All the usual tools can help that bring your body, mind and soul back into equilibrium and remove negative mindsets, such as meditation, Reiki Energy Treatments, walking in nature, stretching, exercise and any self-care practice that you enjoy. Let's see what we can learn, grow and transform, as we live our life's purpose daily. Take time to slow down, relax and embody all the energy shifts and recognise anything you need to 'throw out', that no longer serves you.

You are a powerful, enlightened soul and it is always a great time for you to blossom, calm anxious thinking and build your intuitive abilities.



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Further 2020 Mercury Retrograde Dates:

  • 17th February in Pisces – 10th March in Aquarius.

  • 18th June (Cancer) – 12th July (Leo)

  • 14th October (Scorpio) – 3rd November ( Libra)

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