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October's Full Moon in Aries

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

It is amazing that there are now only three Full Moon's remaining in 2022, let's make the most of these opportunities to clear out our 'thought' cupboards. The energies this week are seeing many have disrupted sleep, extreme dream content, strong awakens/realisations on waking up, and new found strength to take risks to thrive at this time. To utilise the energies this coming Sunday, it is a great idea to begin to write down everything that has upset you, triggered you, and/or challenged your perceptions. Literally scream at the pad as if the person, situation or event, is in front of you receiving your words, then you will be ready to burn and release them into a park or river**.

Allow yourself to question and heal from anything that comes up from when you have felt triggered, such as times when you have felt angry, and it has not been immediately clear why. This happens because there is 'stuff' that you need to clear from your past that is blocking you from moving forwards. Another's actions, and our reactions to them, are often mirrors for our own healing.

The energies are providing massive doorways for changing life for good. This Sunday, 9th October 2022, we have the next Full Moon in Aries at 21:54 London, UK | 13:54 LA | 16:54 NY | 10th Oct at 07:54 in Sydney, Australia. 2022 has been all about redefining our view of life, ourselves and how we thrive going forwards, to a whole new magical level of fun and laughter, and with ease. Earth was created to be a Garden of Eden and many of us are getting back to living much more in harmony with nature, with ourselves, and doing what we love every single day, instead of what we feel we should do to 'pay bills', that we are often wrongly being charged for, I am sovereign springs to mind! Growing our own food, or purchasing locally from sources we truly trust, is high on the agenda, and will expand massively in 2023, so we are not eating produce injected with stuff that is slowly poisoning the body, mind and soul.

The Ram, Aries, energies I see as 'knocking down the walls' we have put up to prevent us succeeding and thriving every single day. Take time for your self-care this week, what we need to work on will keep showing up until we work through it. Traits to truly embody are the 'life is a game to win', do what you want, and believe you can achieve all you desire - what more do we need heehee. A sharp alteration in how you perceive everything, including yourself, can change your life in magical ways. Aries spontaneity, courage and pro-active approach can see you have fun whilst getting those projects off the ground, writing that book or whatever it is at the forefront of your wish list.

This Full Moon there is a real drive to live as your authentic self, in your dharma, transposing you, and your world, to a higher degree of consciousness, and bringing new levels of delight and laughter into each and every moment. Due to the fact that so many souls are awakening (which is very exciting!), the landscape of the new earth has switched. We are already manifesting living with more freedom, less stress, and redefining what we are teaching the young souls around us, therefore empowering us to improve everything now.

We can travel between timelines, reincarnate as we sleep, and evolve on such a great level that just being in the presence of the highly awakened ones is causing great shifts in society daily. You were born to shine, to thrive and to have a great time, not just once or twice a week, or on a yearly vacation, or when you 'retire'. Letting yourself open to the powerful downloads of crystalline energies to repair your DNA, activating your higher chakras, frequently balancing all your chakras, and working with the energies within and around you is life transforming. Our sexual energies are also being highlighted, tantric practices are the way forwards, either alone or with a partner, to aid your ascension growth.

I would love to teach more of you how to embody energy healing into your day - each level sees you go through 21 days of personal healing. Certified Reiki level I = practising on yourself, healing the past, present and opening new doors for the future; Certified Reiki Level II permits you to treat others and with the Master Level you can go on to teach others and work with the most powerful Reiki Symbols for yourself, your friends, family, and even clients, should you wish to pursue it as a hobby/career. I teach any age, the age range, so far, is 8 years old - 74 years old, so don't let anything stop you improving your life. Drop me a message with any questions, to book or go here: Reiki Courses, to learn more. Arming yourself with more 'tools' to live as we should be is incredibly empowering, change is here.

A few spiritual guides talk about challenges and friction this moon cycle - for me, they are all lessons for our growth, to redirect our path, and to jolt us to make the necessary alterations to be where we want to be. Fiery energies are magnificent, it is all about our perception and reactions to all that transpires, that defines our success.

We are experiencing another supercharged energy portal that peaks on Monday, 10/10, hopefully you are feeling the shifts. The energies are supporting us as we define who we are, why we are here, and what we want to achieve, for ourselves and the world. Our ability to manifest and create miracles is strong, be sure to believe in your heart and visualise with your mind.

Have a wonderful Full Moon, message me if you feel drawn to heal to a whole new level and we can get you booked in - either at a Distance (anywhere in the world) or In-Person, Richmond, London, UK.



+44 (0)7949089265

**Discarding the ash away from the home is very important, otherwise you still 'hold onto the words'. I cleansed a lady's home last year and there was an extensive amount of ash out on the patio. I was like 'what is that'...she said it is the 12 pages I wrote to my father and my response was 'well you better get writing it all again'. Don't let that be you, many do the burning at home and dispense the ash into a smaller container then go for a grounding walk and release the ash out into nature. The walk is always super beneficial too, so a win-win situation.

Moon Ritual Example: Click Here, this is of course only a suggestion, if you have found greater ways to change your negative thought patterns then complete that, your intuition knows best.

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