Soul + Earth Star Chakra Activations

In 2022 there are higher frequency healing rays of light open to us, providing powerful downloads of energy to repair our DNA. Activating these chakras will allow your soul to hold more light than before and help you to evolve into a powerful being. The transpersonal chakras are known as the Stellar Gateway, Soul Star and Earth Star Chakra. The process is like a Reiki Attunement, in the sense that you are elevated to accept and work with the higher vibrational energies on a whole new level. Activation increases your 5D Ascension journey, they are wheels, gateways, and energy centres that have multiple purposes. Chakra's are receptors and transmitters that allow us to awaken to new levels of perception, happiness, joy and fearlessness. 


The Soul Star is the place of the Higher Self, where your energy and consciousness meet the divine, the seat of the Akashic Records. It provides spiritual compassion, a stronger spiritual connection and awakes heightened abilities for those working as lightworkers with energy medicine. The Sanskrit name is Sutara, meaning Holy Star, the doorway of enlightenment and ascension. 

The Earth Star is located twelve inches below the feet, in the etheric body, is known as the 'super root' and anchor chakra grounding us further to Mother Earth and increasing our stability and wellbeing. Awakening this chakra aids in channeling greater positive energy from Mother Earth.

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Chakra Activations + Reiki Treatment

When combining the activating of your Soul + Earth Star chakras with a Reiki Treatment is the powerful awakening achieved is transformative. Cleansing all the chakras of negative blockages, which can take a few Reiki Sessions, greatly aids your journey of ascension. During and after the activation you will experience an opening and influx of available, malleable light. Soul Star Activations open the Stellar Gateway, Soul Star and Causal Chakras to permit a high-frequency light to enter your etheric field. Your Stellar Gateway measures the intensity of light you can hold; Soul Star is a filter and the Casual chakra is the centre that opens to welcome the light being sent down through the above two chakras, intensifying the connection to the crown, third eye and throat chakras. Earth Star Activation anchors you to the powerful life force energy of Mother Earth allowing you to stay physically grounded easier. 

Distance Chakra Activations 

Remote Distance Ceremony from the comfort of your home. Awaken to a new level of consciousness with the activation of your Soul + Earth Star Chakras. The process takes 30 minutes, I will require a recent photograph of you, your postcode and to book a time when you will be undisturbed for the activation. Email emma@handserenity.com or via the contact page with 2 - 3 time options and we can get you booked in.