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In-Person (Richmond, UK) + Distance Transmissions

Quantum Reiki is a stronger form of energy healing, that works with the energy centres within + outside of the body. Balance your nervous system, + hormones, remove sickness; mental frustration, stress, anxiety + depression & pain; increasing your energy levels; build confidence; ignite your immune system, strengthening your body's own healing abilities. Add coaching to learn how to more flow easily through life's challenges, shifts can be instantaneous. Treatments change the flow of energy, clearing physical, mental + emotional imbalances. We are here to live a life of ease, full of laughter + abundance and master true enlightenment. Disease is caused by a breakdown in the bodies energy system, taking tablets mask the true cause, we must remove stagnant energy to allow true healing to occur. 

Some preparation:

  • On a physical level the things I would like to shift within my body are:

  • In regards to my emotional well-being, I would like to feel more of this emotion or release this emotion...

  • Career or Life-Purpose.. I would like help manifesting...

  • Relationships.. I would like to be more...

Treatments = In-Person (Richmond, London, UK) or Remotely + an intuitively built Crystal grid, to magnify the energies, Book TODAY. Sound Healing can be added, especially beneficial when you are looking to heal from disease.​ Payment via Cash or Bank Transfer. Home Visits available + travel costs

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Natural Reactions 
  • Emotional responses such as tears   * Involuntary Movements  * Falling Asleep

  • Feeling hot or cold  *Experiencing colours or lights  * Changes can be felt days afterwards, as the body heals + re-energises. 

  • Advice: Advantageous to not consume alcohol, meat + dairy 24 hrs prior to the session 

  • Beneficial to only have a light meal to so the body is not working on the digestion process

  • After the Session​: Be gentle on yourself for 24 hrs, as the body's ability to heal itself is heightened. It can be good to record any feelings, so they can be discussed on your next visitBooking Multiple Sessions ensures regular self-care + saves ££'s. 

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Distance Quantum Reiki Energy Healing Transmissions



Distance Healing is as equally effective because Reiki works with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the mind, body and spirit. I close my eyes during a session, tune into your energy and energetically place myself in your location. Sessions can be conducted to anywhere in the world. All I need is your post/zip code, a photo and your BOOKING. LEARN MORE HERE.

Cancellation Policy: ​Please provide 48 hours notice if unable to attend your appointment. We will endeavour to re-arrange the treatment within 7 days. Cancellations within 48 hours will be charged at the full rate. 

Distance Reiki Sessions

**PLEASE NOTE** If you are takE legal drugs (pharmaceuticals) - Regularly resetting the energy with Reiki + working on your mindset can help you come off long-term drug use (i.e. anxiety medication etc)

Reiki + Coaching

For ultimate healing It is important to work on your mindset outside of the sessions, learn to remove old thought patterns, bad habits accumulated over a lifetime. Healing hurts but it is worth it for your health, wellbeing + mental strength. More info HERE or with any questions.

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Reiki For Fertility + Pregnancy

Reiki helps your journey, post & pre-Birth, It has been used for healing for thousands of years by ancient civilisations. Treatments stimulate the reproductive organs & immune system, making the process easier throughout. The extreme stress placed on couples trying to fall pregnant can be eliminated with Treatments + Coaching.

Reiki, Grief + Palliative Care

Treatments help with the transition from the physical world, providing energy for the recipient to finalise things, release forgiveness, anger, + the removal of guilt about leaving loved ones behind. Encouraging friends and family to experience reiki after the loss of a loved one alleviates pain + anxiety + brings peace for humans & animals. Check out articles on Reiki and it's many benefits on the Blog.

Reiki + Crystals & Sound Therapy

Our bodies need to be retuned, just like a piano, to bring them back into their true vibrational frequency. Vibrational medicine is used to locate issues and correct them to the right frequency, for optimal health. We are all energetic beings and what we emit is what we attract back, this is 'controlled' by our thoughts and our ability to release any negativity, that builds up within from our thinking, experiences and learned behaviours. Reiki with Sound + Crystal Healing works to clear static energy, relax and rejuvenate, the healing results are amplified when combined. Initiate your body's fundamental pulse once more, connect to your life rhythm. Blog: Working with the Power of Sound Therapy & Energy for Ultimate Healing.

Additional Benefits: ​

  • Mental clarity & Increased Concentration

  • Increase blood flow & physical energy

  • Integrating left & right brain thought patterns

  • Balance the nervous system

  • Help those on the path of attaining higher levels of consciousness

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Reiki Crystals + Sound Healing
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