Quantum Reiki works with the energy centres within and outside of the body, to balance your nervous system + hormones encouraging a life free from sickness, mental frustration, stress, anxiety, depression + pain,. Learn to build confidence, restore health and, with coaching, how to flow through life's challenges. Energy Healing ignites your immune system, strengthening your body's own healing abilities, allowing for faster results. Treatments change the flow of energy, clearing physical, mental and emotional imbalances. We are here to live a life of ease, full laughter and abundance.


Treatments clear blockages that have accumulated due to life's complexities + negative 'learned' behaviour’s. Disease is caused by a breakdown in the bodies energy system, taking tablets mask the true cause, we must remove stagnant energy to allow for full healing to occur. Energetic alignment shifts can be instantaneous, when you work on your thought patterns and remove negative habits alongside the sessions - add Coaching to help you with this. 

Treatments = In-Person or Remotely + an intuitively built Crystal grid, to magnify the energiesBook TODAY. Sound Healing - Tuning Forks can be added, when you are looking to heal from dis-ease. Reiki is practiced at hospitals & treatment centres throughout the world, such as Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital + within the NHS.​ Payment via Cash or Bank Transfer. Home Visits available (+ travel costs)

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