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The Shamanic View of Mental Health (& Recovery From It)

The shamanic view of mental health disorders is that they are spiritual crises and emergencies that lead to the birth of a healer, when the right approach is taken and the correct teachings applied.

In the West mental illness is wrongly treated with prescription drugs, dampening the effects and not resolving the underlying issues that created the original problems.

Shamanic culture sees mental illness as a growth experience and an encouragement to discover the spiritual awakening path that is calling for the individual's attention. They are a valuable member of the community and do not need to be isolated, as we do in the West, such as placing people in institutions. The suffering occurs as a lesson to allow the person to find their authentic self. As with everything, believing you can recover and that it is a curable disease is a massive step in the right direction. Those choosing to remain in the victim mindset can be encouraged and coaxed to work on themselves for permanent transformation but, as always, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

It is wonderful to see trials of hallucinogenic drugs, used by shamanic cultures, as treatment alongside counselling for sufferers. Evidence shows that when combining talking therapy, hallucinogenic drugs can be a safe treatment. Drugs such as DMT are used for spiritual enlightenment and known as the 'spirit molecule' because of the way it alters human consciousness and so it makes perfect sense that they should work with mental health and the results show immediate and long lasting recovery rather than conventional antidepressants. The drug loosens fixed pathways within the brain, linked to depression, for example, which can then be reset in talking sessions. With mental health being so prevalent today, there is most certainly hope emerging, I say crossing everything!

The ability to turn wounds into wisdom is the path of many spiritual souls, our goal now is to transform the learning of young souls so that they have greater tools to thrive in adversity. We are being called to heal ancestral lines, the past journeys of our ancestors, so that the trajectory of humanity can be transformed forever. Out of extreme life struggles, the most amazing intuitive healers emerge as they conquer adversity, suffering and fear to speak their truth, even when they are afraid. The ability to shine light for others strengthens the giver and receiver and a greater life purpose is created for both.

"The schizophrenic is drowning in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight" Joseph Campbell

Another problem in the West is the 'doctors first' approach - for example when someone has excessive anxiety and is literally going off the rails, they are in an extremely vulnerable and suggestive state. Doctors are then believed as the main source of help and the path to healing is broken. Indigenous shamanic cultures treat people with building a community, a support network with advisors and teachers. Having someone listen to you helps with a plethora of things and is definitely part of the healing journey. Talking is such a strong healing therapy and combining it with healing modalities, such as Reiki Energy Healing lets people discover a whole new way of living on planet earth. They look for the STRENGTHS in the person and investigate the intuitive senses, rather than focusing on the 'problem' or difference being displayed.

When a person displays differences, it is something that needs to be nurtured not stopped and their gifts aligned with 'normal' life. Those diagnosed with mental health have much to teach us, I often write about the lessons we need learn from those labelled with ADHD or Autism. They need help developing their soul and understanding the messages they are receiving. They are the bridge between the two worlds of spirit and human form and hear messages that we need to learn from to evolve as a human race. It can also be messages from their ancestors, wanting them to break the patterns of the past so that history can be rewritten. We need to trace back and investigate troubled ancestral lines, to locate the root cause of what they are seeing, hearing and feeling, outside of the 'norm'. If you have a young soul who is displaying signs that align with seeing the world through different eyes then one of my previous blogs can help: Nurturing An Empathetic Child. Placing labels on people is a destructive path and one we need to change.

When conscious life is characterised by one-sidedness & false attitudes, primordial healing images are activated – one might say instinctively – & come to light in the dreams of individuals and the visions of artists… Schizophrenia is a condition in which the dream takes the place of reality – Carl Jung

You must go in quest of yourself and you will find yourself again, only in the simple and forgotten things - Carl Jung

The healing methods of the Shamanic cultures involves performing rituals to clear negative energy blockages, cleansing them via the chakras and the auric field. Including negative entities that have attached to them and addressing negative learned behaviour's. I can do this for you with Reiki Treatments, Coaching, Courses or Energetic Imprint Removal Ceremonies. This then allows the blockage to lead to a roadway of healing and awakening for the pervious sufferers. The West, far too frequently, depicts it as s lifelong diagnosis, often incurable, which is mishandling the problems. Medicating anyone is pulling them back into a reality that they are running from, far more work needs to be done to recognise the cause.

Relearning how we deal with those experiencing the world in a different way is our job. I have always said that we are all close to fully losing our minds at some point in our lives, it just depends on the support, understanding and guidance we receive that aids us in making a choice to not be consumed by it. Loving everybody is the goal and when we decide not to react to negativity then the power returns to us. Let's change the world together!



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