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March's Powerful Full Moon Energies + Equinox

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

March is a wonderful month of transformation for so many of us (are you feeling it?!!), clearing bad habits from our thoughts, addressing blockages from our past (in this and other lifetimes) and redefining our perception of everything, everyone and, most importantly, of ourselves. Our senses are heightening, as we tune in daily to the energies, and our support network in the etheric world. I liken it to a full personality reset, without the previous hurdles we drew to ourselves, so that we can live in joy, no matter what we are doing. The media is not stopping the fear narrative therefore rising above it emotionally is our strength. Let's send buckets of love and healing to anyone suffering and release anger from our space. Anger only hurts you, not those doing wrong, so we must remove it from our vortex and increase the love in our hearts. As horrid as situations can be, it is of great benefit to you if you can dig deep within and fill your heart with love and gratitude for all you have and get manifesting a beautiful life, that others can then benefit from to. As you raise your vibration it aids those close to you, and the world, in healing and adjusting their lives for greater joy, abundance and love.

We have a super powerful Full Moon in Virgo on 18th March 2022 at 07:17am in London, UK, 00:17 (LA, USE), 03:17am (NY, USA) and at 18:17pm (Sydney, Oz). We need to pull on the Virgo traits of patience, efficiency and creativity, and their industriousness, to excel at completing any new projects with imagination and eagerness for the end result. Know you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and to improve your life journey, you need to put in the work. We have the amazing ability to manifest miracles, once we truly believe it with all our heart, and apply the actions needed to achieve magic.

Then we have the Spring Equinox/Ostara on Sunday 20th in the northern hemisphere and the Autumnal Equinox on Monday 21st in the southern hemisphere. Officially the first day of Spring and is also known as Ostara which comes from the Anglo-Saxon goddess name Eostre, which represents new beginnings and the birthing of the season. A rebirth of nature, ourselves, and society is most needed so let's allow ourselves to start over and be even more magnificent than before. As you radiate love it becomes infectious and we certainly need bucket loads of it right now.

Procrastination and lack of motivation are common 'symptoms' of the ascension process. Please be extra kind to yourself, sleep when you need to, dance, laugh, take yourself out of stressful situations, remove angry, negative and narcissistic souls from your life and work through any triggers that are showing up. A trigger is when something someone does, says or implies causes a negative emotion within you. It can be a mirror showing you what needs to be worked on so that you can thrive. Anxiety and overwhelm are prevalent too, as we get used to the changes and increases in our abilities, psychic perceptions and how we sense, see and feel everything. Book your self-care treatment with me, or another energy healer, so that we can get you re-aligned, cleared of negative blockages and better able to blossom through this process with the intensity of the energy shifts.

Today (11.03.2022) we are once more experiencing changes in the energies, very positive for many, especially those awake to the power of the light within and outside of themselves. Surrender to your feelings and enjoy the extra pampering of yourself and preparing for your Full Moon Ritual next week. Screaming at your pad is very cathartic, remember to release the ash in a park or river, not your own garden or bin...otherwise you are still holding onto the words! Enjoy clearing all that no longer serves you and message me if you want to book some Ascension Coaching; Reiki, Treatments or a Course, In-Person or at a Distance, I am grateful daily that I get to assist souls throughout the world; a Soul Retrieval Drumming journey (if you feel like a piece of you is missing); Past Life Regression Session (to identify blockages that are holding you back in this lifetime); some House Healing or an Intuitive Reading (Zoom or In-Person)

Monitor your thoughts and bring them back to positive and joy, when they veer off course. You know the drill; every day is a lesson, when we allow our emotions to create a low vibration then we are acting more from our ego instead of our beautiful intuition. I hope you have a magical weekend, do let me know how things are feeling and see some of you soon.



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