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February's Full Moon Magic + Ascension Update

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Hello, I often think about taking a break from writing about the fortnightly moon energies, but the transformative shifts and the massive benefits from working with the moon cycles regularly just cannot be ignored! The energy upgrades are of such great importance to our personal growth journeys in 2022. The moon phases should be a way of life for those who are open to enhancing their own power, strength and skill at manifesting their individual destiny. Combining this with the supercharged energy portal that opened on 2.02.2022 and fully activates on 22.02.2022, we have a rare opportunity this month to rewrite who we are, why we are here and what we want to achieve, for ourselves and the world. Our ability to manifest and create miracles is on fire, just be sure to believe in your heart and visualise with your mind.

The second Full Moon of 2022 is in the fiery astrological sign of Leo on 16th February at 16:56 (London, UK), 08:56 (Los Angeles, U.S.A), 11:56 (New York, U.S.A) and at 03:56 on 17th February 2022 in Sydney, Australia. The guidance is to work on healing past trauma; on the bad habits that you have formed from negative thought patterns over a lifetime and the incredible benefits that awakening further will bring to your life. Begin screaming at your notepad with the words you wish to release during your Full Moon Ritual. Remember it can be done up to 48 hours either side of the date, and time, in your part of the world, so no excuses! Be certain to remove the ashes from your property and release them into a park or river, so that you do not keep the aggressive, hurtful, damaging memories/words in your life. Each Reiki Session 'peels back the layers' of stored emotions, showing you that which you need to work on every time, hence why weekly Treatments are advisable for the first few months. This then means you have not added layer upon layer of negativity and new feelings between sessions.

Although we will be through Valentine’s Day the romantic vibe is very much a trait of this moon cycle. Sensual, tantric encounters with people you truly adore will lead to heightened orgasms and a sexual awakening beyond anything you could have imagined. New or rekindled relationships will see us form inspirational, creative and supportive alliances as we head towards the end of February 2022.

We continue to go through a wonderfully transformative experience daily, with heavy side effects for some, as we cleanse our bodies of the emotional, physical and mental blockages that have built up over a lifetime. Know we are all feeling and seeing the changes with you, you are not alone. The greater the healing work you can do on yourself now, the more open you will be to ride the changes with ease. I have created a Telegram group for those wishing to discuss the ascension journey as we go through life altering physical, mental and emotional alterations. Just message me on TG and I can send you the invite link.

We are 11 days away from the dynamic source of spiritual light of the Sirius Gateway Activation on 22.02.2022, which usually occurs in August but this year things are ramping up and we need assistance now. This period is providing energy downloads to assist you in upgrading your DNA, altering your physical form and rewriting the history of human consciousness. February is the month of great awakenings, enlightenment, empowerment and creating amazing magic in our lives.

I wanted to include some beneficial information about the major power points of planet earth, that you can relate back to where you are in the world; where you feel drawn to visit and how your activation journey is transpiring. Spending time in any of these places aligns the corresponding chakras within the body and results in powerful spiritual experiences. Most are situated on ley lines, the veins of planet earth:

Mother Earth’s Chakras:

No 1: Root Chakra – Muladahra – EARTH: Mount Shasta, California, USA

No 2: Sacral Chakra – Swadistana – WATER: Lake Titicaca, Bolivia + Peru

No 3: Solar Plexus – Manipura – FIRE: Uluru, Ayes Rock, Australia

No 4: Heart Chakra – Anahata – AIR: Glastonbury, Somerset, England

No 5: Throat Chakra – Visuddha – ETHER: Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt; The Mount of Olives (Jerusalem), and Mount Sinai (Egypt).

No 6: Third Eye – Ajna – LIGHT: As one would expect this chakra is not fixed and moves to the west at the beginning of each new Era (2160 years). 2021 saw us enter the Age of Aquarius. It is said to be permanently in Stonehenge, UK, explaining the strength of the energies here!

No 7: Crown Chakra – Sahasrara: Mount Kailash (‘Precious Jewel of Snow’) in the Himalayan mountain range, Tibet, China

February is therefore a month for re-inventing ourselves; cleansing stagnant energies from our souls and within our homes and continuing the learnings in relation to the metamorphosis of the world. Happiness, love and abundance are our key emotions, when you are not feeling this way, look at the triggers, recognise what needs healing and work on yourself. We have a choice, how we perceive each day, how we interact with others and the levels of positivity or negativity we verbalise and express with each encounter with another. If you want guidance or a healing session do get in touch.



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