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December Portal Activation & Winter Solstice

On Saturday 11th December, a Portal of energy opens, an event that will activate your energy body and allow you to step into a new level of consciousness, for those open to it. Your connection to your mind, body and spirit will be enhanced and open new doorways to allow you to live in heaven on earth. One big realisation will be that your energy has a natural ability to heal you physically, emotionally and spiritually. That is why I champion the healing power of Reiki daily for you all, as it boosts the body's natural healing abilities with each session (+ all the other fabulous benefits). Saturday provides a portal of energy to upgrade your DNA and expand your ability to live a life of greater joy, abundance and gratitude.

Working on your inner demons and any energy blockages that are holding you back during the 11 days will be super beneficial for your current incarnation on planet Earth and the evolution of humanity. This can include stored anger, upset and sadness that has become so hidden within the body that you almost forgot it was there. Time to remove it from your energy body so you can literally be reborn. All the old conditioning is to be left in the past such as ageism, unhealthiness, stress, fear and worry to be replaced with joy, love and abundance, of all kinds.

The Portal Awakening lasts until the, the Winter Solstice, and it is going to be epic. Glastonbury is the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth and the enlightening, life changing energy downloads will be centred in Glastonbury on December 21st and then be assimilated throughout the UK and the rest of the world. I will be in Glastonbury for the monumental downloads of energy and the expansion of human consciousness, so if you want to book in for a Treatment, Teaching or Coaching in early January to benefit from the energy share and peel back the layers of emotional, physical and mental blockages within, then do get in touch. I am very grateful I am getting booked up.

Australia is the Solar Plexus of Mother Earth, so as the Lightworkers within the country stand in their truth (massive protests are occurring as I write and include every type of soul, young, old, rich, poor, awakened or starting on their spiritual journey) and challenge the corrupt lies then the world will truly transform. The Solar Plexus is where so many of you hold onto your emotional blockages within the body so it is interesting that Oz is the Solar Plexus of Mother Earth. Exciting times ahead for those who choose happiness as their dominant emotion.

Throughout life we have been working with only 1/3 of our DNA's ability and this changes from 11.12.2021. Open your heart, your mind and question your thoughts - altering your perception is cataclysmic, in a beautiful way. It is vital that the younger generations learn how to be super happy, relaxed and open, so let's upgrade ourselves so we can change the trajectory of the world NOW.

It is a time for us to raise our vibration so those that are not ready, those that are toxic in our lives, and those that weaken our power will fall away as we step into a new level of being. If you would like to be more involved and work on your strength to balance, heal and metamorphosis at this time then do sign up for my free 11 Day Challenge. (Sign Up by midnight on 10.12.2021 to begin with us tomorrow, although the videos will be recorded and allow you to join at anytime).

A period when calling in your angels, ancestors and dragons, so that they can support your ascension and aid you with the transformative thoughts, feelings and actions is highly recommended. Protection rituals for your energy field should be a daily habit and there are examples here.

We have an amazing Full Moon on 19th, which I will write about early next week. I am sure I will update this blog as the energies evolve and we approach 21.12.2021. I have a few appointments left in 2021, mainly next week as I will be taking some time out to embrace the wonderful changes humanity is undergoing. Have a fabulous day.



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Unknown member
Dec 21, 2021

What an epic and beautiful article. Welcome to planet earth. Thank you for your service. It is so good to connect with another heart centered Ascension guide. It feels like we’re linking up across the planet and bolstering the Divine Energetic field of light and love. I’d love to connect further. Heal the World. Namaste. @bluemoonlotusborn

Apr 10, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, the universe just showed me your comment, a little late, but divine timing I am sure. I hope you are enjoying the recent light code downloads and upgrading of your DNA. Namaste Emma

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