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FREE 11 Day Challenge To Navigate The Biggest Energy Upgrade Earth Has Ever Seen

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

We have a mighty Portal of Ascension opening on 11th December 2021, that will continue until 21st December 2021. Human behavioural habits have been causing us to live constantly stressed out, whilst strangling the planet and now we must alter our patterns to evolve. Right now, we are being asked to not resist the lessons showing up but to open up to them, learn from them and heal the triggers from the actions and behaviour's of others.

The next few weeks are so important and trauma and triggers are going to continue to materialise, to force us to heal them and move forwards. Karma will be more instantaneous and then cleared, than ever before. The greater the work we put in, the easier our journey will be to ensure we have an uplifting and joyful experience. Those of us on a healing path are set for a pleasing ride of ascension, change and greater understanding of ourselves and the unconditional love and admiration for everyone.

Spending these 11 days working on your emotional shadows will make choosing courage, over fear, easier so that you can thrive at this time of life-changing human consciousness. Our goal is to truly believe that we live in heaven on earth, no matter what shows up for us. We all have a choice to make this happen and it is wonderful to help so many others do the same.

The challenge will include short daily videos of breath work based around the 5 Reiki Principles of Anger, Worry, Kindness, Gratitude & Working Honestly; Guidance for Affirmation + Intention Setting; Crystal Maintenance & Magic and applying Day & Night Time Matrix's of Protection to your energy field. Recordings will be available to complete in your own time, no matter where you are in the world.

It is Ascension Mastery time for many of us as we witness the collapsing of our karmic ego lessons so that we can sail through in complete neutrality and simplicity. We will find a heightening of our logic, intuition and psychic abilities so that we are open to the new earth. It is a merging of timelines of the past, present and future. We will go through an upgrading of knowledge within our DNA which will provide insight, growth and a new level of understanding of life on earth. No judgement is the way forwards and self-mastery is our strength.

The peak will be experienced with the Winter Solstice on 21st December, when we are going to experience the phenomenal energy shifts. It is said this will be the Solstice of Solstices and the light explosion is going to be huge. The upgrading of human existence is going to be very powerful and raising the vibration of those on an awakened journey to the fifth dimension and beyond. The dark ones know their time is up so the levels of fear are going to be amped up, for those not awake to the energies. Ignore all you hear, trust your intuition and embrace all you see, sense and feel, a huge personal trust is your calling. A heightened fear narrative is going to remain in place until the year is out, turn off the news and do not allow the stories to unsettle you. We have human rights, the government is employed by us (although it certainly does not feel like it) and we can ensure we are super healthy, fit and balanced, with our immune systems firing at their optimum levels. If you want to book a session to help you with this, do get in touch.

Do not be concerned about what others are doing, they are on their own journey and we cannot make decisions for them. We can only guide those open to change and the newness of planet earth. It is time to stop the lives of constant stress, fear and worry and improve our daily lives. I may well be taking some time off around this period but if you want a Reiki Energy Healing Treatment so that you are more ready for the changes; to learn Reiki; have a Past Life Regression or Soul Retrieval, before the 11th December then do get in touch

To sign up to the challenge, completely free, go to the 11 Day Challenge page or the Handserenity Pinterest or Instagram pages. I will write more about the Winter Solstice in the coming weeks as more insights unfold. Have a magical day.



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