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Protecting Your Energy Field

At this time in the world when our personal liberties are being restored and we are allowed out and about once more, anxiety is surfacing and the need for us to protect our energy field is huge. Many of us are empathetic souls who take on the negative, disruptive, chaotic and sometimes angry energies of situations, places and those around us without being able to stop. We want to see the good in everyone and help them to heal but there are certain souls that we need to avoid/protect ourselves from and so I am re-sharing two important rituals so you can protect yourself. I suggest working with the ritual that resonates with you most on a specific day, depending on the circumstances, interchanging them so that you are protected, no matter what occurs. The more you find yourself spiritually awakening the less a full ritual is needed as you habitually tune into your guides, ascended masters and the energies and naturally protect yourself daily. As always, if you want help message me and we can book a consultation counselling session, price information is here: Spiritual Coaching.

Each time we encounter another human being, there is an exchange of energy:

  • If both are happy with the encounter, then there is a neutral exchange of energy

  • If you become angry, then the other person steals your energy

  • If the other person gets angry at you, then you are stealing their energy

The biggest problem here is that by inadvertently 'stealing' the energy of an angry person, you take on their issues; their negative thought patterns and inability to see the good in situations and this can be incredibly draining. Please watch your energies and teach those around you how to protect themselves. It is a great idea to complete the rituals before leaving the house but excusing yourself from a situation and doing the process when out then re-joining their energies works well too.

Option 1

The below ritual is from the Masterclass by Dr Christiane Northrup MD contained within the online course: Dodging Energy Vampires. Follow the below procedure whenever you feel another has tried to infiltrate your beautiful energies. Regularly applying this method when in chaos is extremely beneficial. We do great work on ourselves so let us keep our energy fields clean and cleansed from those less grounded and healed. When we recognise an energy vampire then we need to cleanse our energy and that of the people close to us, so we can thrive.

1st: Visualise taking a golden cord from the top of your head right down to your coccyx and down your legs. See the gold cord go from the centre of your feet into the centre of the earth below.

2nd: Imagine a golden cord from right to left, through your arms & heart.

3rd: At the front centre of the body, imagine a cord through your heart, front to back.

**1 - 3 makes a golden grid around and through the body.

4th: Visualise a vortex of energy around you – counter clockwise. See it go into your heart & into your pelvis. Clear any darkness of energy, remove it and visualise it being sucked down into the centre of the earth.

5th: Visualise there is a ball of energy in the centre of the earth that is clearing and cleansing the energy from the destructive energy vampire.

6th: Put a bubble of energy around you and visualise mirrors (facing outwards, like car wing mirror size). This will STOP people landing on you / being able to tap into you.

Finally: Take your hands to Namaste position (together at the front of your heart, a few inches from the body). Keeping them together bring them up to your Stellar Gateway, the 8th Chakra, above your crown, a few inches above the head, and pull the energy down to your feet. This is for protection.

Option 2

Taken from The Light Warrior by Kyle Gray, Chapter 5 The Armour of Light. The book is a must read for all lightworkers and there is a review HERE. Kyle also talks about this process in his latest book: Divine Master, Ancient Wisdom.

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise - a three-step protection process that actually works. It will create an armour of light around you. I based this process on the daily skincare routine. You know the one – the cleanser gets rid of all the muck & grime, the toner firms up the skin and the moisturiser locks in all the goodness. You can do exactly the same with your energy.


First you need to cleanse your energy of any leftover vibes that aren’t serving you – anything that’s hooked on or attached to you from a challenging conversation, place or person. There are a couple of ways of doing it:

  • You can imagine sacred fire energy coming from the Mother Earth and burning away any unwanted energy that is attached to you. As it touches the fear-based energy, it transforms it from fear to love.

  • You can ask Archangel Michael and/or the angels to cut the cords of energy that are holding you back or are attached to your energy field by saying a prayer:

Thank you, Archangel Michael and angels of protection, for the cutting the cords that bind me to people, places, energy, situations and other stuff I no longer need. It feels so good to know you are here. I am safe and free!

(Kyle has a whole chapter on Archangel Michael in his book Angel Prayers, another of his I highly recommend too, along with Wings of Forgiveness.)


Toning is all about firming up the goodness that is already there. When it comes to toning your energy, it’s about focusing on an aspect of your present positivity, or harnessing a blessing, or choosing to remember your current state of goodness. This ignites the warrior energy within.

Claim your wholeness by declaring that you are completely in control of your body because it’s the vehicle of your soul. You can say this in your own words, but make sure you are speaking in the present tense and really putting your foot down. Let the universe and your guides bear witness to the incredible inner strength that you were born with.

My favourite declaration is powerful, simple and effective:

I am the keeper of my mind and body.

Wherever love is present, fear is a stranger.

Love is here!

When I say. ‘Love is here,’ I tap my heart three times so I can feel a physical response to what I really know deep within me.


When you are moisturising your energy, you are essentially putting on a coating that you know is going to lock in the goodness. This is the step that everyone knows from the books and healing modality trainings, but it won’t be as effective unless the previous steps have been taken. There are a few ways to do it:

  • You declare that there is armour of the holiest light surrounding your whole body and being, extending 10-20 feet (3 – 6 metres) in each direction.

  • Imagine a cloak of light in the colour of your choice swirling all over your body or imagine yourself in a suit of shining armour from head to toe. Again, make sure that the protective light you create radiates out about 10-20 feet beyond your body in every direction. Really bring that into your vision and intention.

  • Call on your guides and thank them for protecting you and the energy that surrounds you.

And that’s the best way to keep your energy strong and clear! (End of this passage from the book).

When you have encountered an Energy Vampire, especially one that you have had intimate relations with then they have the power to still tap into your energies. The cure for this is for us to perform an Energetic Imprint Removal Ceremony and cut the cords from them. Do get in touch if you are interested in this clearing ceremony.

Many Crystals can help you with this process too and I have lots of new stock being added to the site daily, although it is selling fast which is lovely. It is wonderful how many people now believe in the power of working with nature's medicines. Email me for assistance with specific requirements. Rosemary spray, burning frankincense, or similar, all help too. Complete one of the above process as often as you are called to, it is extremely grounding, balancing and protective, regular Distance or In-Person Reiki Treatments are very beneficial too. Have a great pre-Full Moon week, be mindful of the effects it has on you and those in your world up to seven days before the next big energy shift on 26th May with Mercury Retrograde beginning on 29th May. I will be writing more about both of these very soon.



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