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Guidance for Those Spiritually Awakening

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

We are living in unprecedented times of human evolution, that is seeing us transform the way that life is conducted, experienced and enjoyed. Embracing the new energies, absorbing the light code downloads, into our physical form, and upgrading our DNA is life changing, mentally, physically and emotionally. Throughout 2022 we have been challenged to heal ourselves to a whole new level. I have certainly done lots of personal upgrading and activations, for myself and to improve my abilities for my clients, to enhance their healing.

We have been triggered by people and situations, so that we can recognise what needs to be let go of within our own personal world, so that we can move from a 3D to a, potential, 12D existence in the years to come. 2032 is talked about as being the year that big change will be seen, felt and heard, but we have 2023 and 2024 first and they are going to be monumental. I do hope you are enjoying the journey, it is so lovely that more of you are learning to work with the energies, within and around you.

Each month we have a dynamic Portal of Energy that opens to give us access to higher divine guidance and an expansion of our human consciousness and supernatural abilities, the next one is on 11:11:2022. Combine this with the moon cycles and the opportunities on offer are paramount to our growth. As always, if you want to book guidance, treatments, coaching, training or any of my services, do get in touch. It is important that we cleanse ourselves regularly, keep our chakras in balance and manage ourselves differently. I highly recommend raising your vibration, building on your relationship with yourself and others, and opening up to receive the downloads of energy that are here. Downloads are instantaneous streams of information from the universal life force energies, your guides and angels. Definitive synchronicities show up; your intuition has continual 'aha' moments, as to where your next move should be in a clear and concise manner and thinking, feeling and saying stuff just as you or another needs to hear the words.

Protecting our aura, our energy field, is a daily requirement for all the Lightworkers, Starseeds and Empaths of the world. Some suggested rituals:

Daytime Energy Protection Matrix - Tune into the universal life force energies and ask your angels, guides and dragons for protection. Complete the ritual by Dr Christiane Northrup MD contained within the online course: Dodging Energy Vampires.

1: Visualise taking a golden cord from the top of your head down through your coccyx and down your legs. See the gold cord go from the centre of your feet into the earth below.

2: Imagine a golden cord from right to left, through your arms & heart.

3: At the front centre of the body, imagine a cord through your heart, front to back.

4: Visualise a vortex of energy around you – counter clockwise. See it go into your heart & into your pelvis. Clear any darkness of energy, remove it, & visualise it being sucked down into the centre of the earth.

5: Visualise there is a ball of energy in the centre of the earth that is clearing & cleansing the energy from you.

6: Put a bubble of energy around you and visualise mirrors (facing outwards, like car wing mirror size). This will STOP people landing on you / being able to tap into you.

Finally: Take your hands to Namaste position (together at the front of your heart, a few inches from the body). Keeping them together bring them up to your 8th Chakra, above your crown chakra, a few inches above the head, and pull the energy down to your feet. This is for protection. **1 - 3 makes a golden grid around and through the body, creating a daytime matrix of protection.

Bedtime Matrix - "I ask that I am escorted to an etheric retreat that is ideally suited for me. I ask that I may be granted permission to attend the Ascension retreat of Serapis Bay (the ancient of days). I ask that my physical body be taken to a rejuvenation chamber or healing chamber, whichever my Higher Self and my guides recommend for me this night. I also claim an energetic Faraday cage be wrapped around my bed to insulate me from all harmful energies of any kind and I ask that I awaken well, rejuvenated and refreshed regardless of what the night may hold. Thank you, Angels, guides and dragons. Matrix guidance from Waking Up in 5D by Maureen J.St.Germain - an important read for those on an ascension path.

Crystal Medicine - learn to work with your crystal collection on a whole new plane of understanding by:

  • Cleansing them regularly - either in salt water, with incense, or in the sunlight

  • Charge them in the moonlight

  • Program each one or as a group so that you clearly state the 'job' that they are helping you with. Be specific on that which you most need guidance with, build them into a grid, and add a written intention of your desire(s)

Great advice from Denise Linn this week:

Have you ever had an experience where something that you were looking for was in plain sight? I started to think . . . “What else in my life am I not seeing?” Are there messages from spirit that I’m not hearing? Are there inspiring ideas in plain sight that I'm missing? So today I’m expanding the parameters of my being and living in the question, “What am I not currently aware of that would be valuable for me to know.?” I’m excited to see what shows up.

There are energy fields of strength bringing us together creating a golden web of oneness. Love, laughter and abundance are our birth right, manifesting magic is here. If you want help or to learn Reiki Level I; to buy Crystals or complete a Past Life Regression or Soul Retrieval to aid your expansion then do get in touch. Energy Cleansing your home is super important to rid us of the negativity the past few years (& lifetimes) so that we may step fully into our power.

All the internal healing work you are doing is paying off and for others, even being in your presence will help to upgrade their energy, mood and outlook on life. Have a stunning weekend, wherever you are in the world, and I look forward to helping your spiritual awakening journey further. Remember, Abundance is a state of mind, 'I am...' 'I have...' 'We are going...' believe that all you want to be here as actually HERE and NOW.



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