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Mind-Blowing Cosmic Waves of Energy Transmutations this August Full Moon

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

A magnificently powerful and enlightening month of energy shifts, beyond anything we could have imagined, that is escalating with the eighth Full Moon of 2021 on 22nd August at 5.02am PDT, 8.02am EDT, 1.02pm UK & 10.02pm AEST. An Aquarius Moon, with the traits of this air sign affecting our mood to the extremes of: full of energy and excitable - to shy, calm and fatigued. Open-mindedness and free-spirited are strong personality characteristics and perfect with all we are experiencing right now. This star sign falls in 11th place on the astrological table and the Moon occurs on the 22nd - both massive Angel Numbers. From Kyle Gray's Angel Numbers book: 11 - You are in a state of expansion and getting to know your true self better than ever. Know you were born to shine. 22 - You are at a crucial point on your journey which will help you understand the relationships and spiritual assignments that will support your growth. Plans change, challenges are magnified but remember how strong you are.

The August Full Moon is also known as the Sturgeon Moon after a prehistoric Native American fish, each moon was given a unique name so that the tribes’ men and women could track the lunar months and seasonal changes premodern day calendars. Full Moon's occur every 29.5 days, mark your calendars and prepare yourself with lots of extra self-care and patience as it approaches. Start to write down all that frustrates you, ready for burning on Sunday during your ritual, this can be done 24 hours either side of the date, if you are busy that day.

Over the last few days we have been experiencing the effects of another annual phenomenon, the Perseid Meteor shower, which peaked on the 12th and 13th August and continues until 24th August. Be sure to look up to the sky on a clear night or pre-dawn (especially in the Northern Hemisphere) as it is illuminated with showers from Leonids, Draconids and Geminids. Sightings will be particularly strong on the night of the Full Moon so keep your eyes peeled for 50 to 75 meteors per hour and shooting stars remain visible until the close of 2021.

New energetic bridges are forming with heaven and earth and assimilating the changes is our calling, so that we can ensure we go with the flow and avoid being thrown off by the waves of transformation. We are the next generation of awakened spiritual leaders and apostles who are here to guide others to open to the power of working with, and living daily tuning into, the energies that surround us and that are within us. For those feeling overwhelmed by all they sense, see and feel, know you are not alone, it is a huge transition for many souls as we open more fully to new ways of being on planet earth. Some of you will still be feeling the effects of Lions Gate, with extreme fatigue, fevers, loss of taste and smell and even a cough/sore throat. It is the energies not that disease.

Spiritual beings (Lightworkers, Healers, all awakened souls) are undergoing chakra upgrades to 5D crystalline frequencies, it is quite amazing! It can appear scary, so do get in touch, we are forming a great spiritual tribe and sharing helps all of us on this journey. You may find your psychic senses and abilities are amplifying beyond anything you previously imagined after Sunday's shifts, go with it. For others undergoing the energetic upgrades, the encounters of late can be likened to near-death experiences, as we feel at times as if we leave our physical body and are instead looking down on it, as metamorphosis occurs. Mind blowing, enlightening and frigging superb are words that spring to mind.

Since the Lions Gate Portal Activation many of us have felt many symptoms and changes physically, mentally and emotionally. It is time to come out of the spiritual closet and not be afraid to talk, share and teach others all you have learnt and continue to learn about being a spiritual being on planet earth. Know that some people will react negatively to your pure light, will feel challenged by your energy, just don't take it personally! The energy you project will awaken their demons, their broken parts, and their negativity will be proof they are not ready to heal. We cannot help everyone, protect yourself lots, there is some great cleansing and protection rituals HERE. Watch negative thoughts about yourself or to anyone in your world, as it is very destructive to your health and wellbeing.

The next mahoosive energy shift will happen during the Winter Solstice so we have time to get used to the current earth changes, grow from the lessons and increase our spiritual tribes. Have an amazing week in the build up to the exciting shifts during the Full Moon. Do comment/get in touch if you want to book some guidance coaching, a Reading, Reiki Treatment (distance & in-person) or any of my other services.



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