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Emma Hands Energy Alchemist

Regulate Your Nervous System; Remove Stress, Anxiety + Depression, Release Toxins, Disease + Trauma; Build Confidence & Have Fun. Our mantra: Life is Easy, everything we need is already inside of us

It is time to deeply own who you are & why you are here

Emma Hands Energy Alchemist
Quantum Healing
Emma Hands Energy Alchemist

A dance that happens inside of you, a form of conscious meditation, epitomise your true identity

Client Testimonials

Online Innerdance Kundalini Activation 

"An Amazing online Kundalini Activation with Emma and I'm cozy in my own home. It's easy to forget how powerful distant healing is until you do it. Can't wait for my next one" Evelyn

Innerdance Kundalini Activation

The ability to heal & evolve is already yours

Quantum Energy Healing

Emma's Blog

FREE Guidance of the Energy upgrades, spiritual growth + working with the moon cycles.

Cancellation Policy: ​Please provide 48 hours notice if unable to attend your appointment. We will endeavour to re-arrange the treatment within 7 days. Cancellations within 48 hours will be charged at the full rate. 

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