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Crystal Reiki Treatments

Reiki Energy Healing ignites your immune system, strengthening the body's own natural healing abilities. It works by subtly changing the flow of energy within the body. Blockages and toxins accumulate over time due to the complexities of life and negative 'learned' behaviours that can lead to illness and disease unless cleansed. 

Most illness has an emotional root cause, so clearing build-ups frequently restores your health & wellbeing. Energy Medicine is the way forwards, In-Person sessions or remote healing are available with a Zoom Coaching Session first. Frequently clearing emotional, physical and mental energy barriers within the body is life-changing.​ It can help at times of emotional turmoil, break-ups & during grieving periods. I intuitively build you a Crystal grid prior to the session, to enhance the energies .  Book TODAY


Benefits of Reiki

  • Ignites your immune system & the body's natural self-healing abilities

  • Relieves stress, anxiety and depression

  • Builds confidence & self-esteem, aids personal growth 

  • Eases aches & pains

  • Alleviates sleep issues, insomnia & chronic fatigue

  • Promotes relaxation during and after treatment

  • Strengthens overall health and wellbeing

  • Reiki is excellent when looking to restart after a trauma, life change, injury etc

  • Helps with learning difficulties: Autism & ADHD

  • Aids Fertility, pre and post birth

  • Addictive behaviours i.e. eating disorders

  • Physical ailments i.e. migraines, sciatica, big 'C', arthritis, Parkinson's, MS, tinnitus, asthma, menopause, allergies 

  • Mental Clarity and increased awareness 

  • Extremely Grounding

  • More Info: HERE.


Distance Reiki Energy Healing Sessions


Distance Reiki is as effective as in-person treatments because energy healing works with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of an individual as it evaluates the recipient's energy. You do not have to be physically present to receive the healing, allowing sessions to be conducted from anywhere to anyone, event or situation throughout the world. Let's get your immune system boosted and working at it's optimum level; help you destress and relax during life's challenges. I intuitively build a Crystal Grid, based on what you need, to enhance the energies. Energy works well for stress, people looking for a new path or healing from an illness or trauma. Email with any questions y. Zoom Coaching calls available before the treatment, More Details: HERE.

Handserenity Blog

Weekly energy updates; tips for protecting your aura, spiritual growth, inspiration, positivity and the moon cycles.

Certified Reiki Courses

Reiki Level I, II & Master via Zoom, Online or In-Person. Change your world today with Reiki and learn new ways to live a calm, relaxed lifestyle. Reiki is an amazing energy healing modality that ignites your immune system and the bodies own self-healing abilities. Learning Level I allows you to Self-Reiki daily at home.


Intuitive Readings

with Angel Tarot & Oracle Cards

Review YOUR Life Path TODAY, receive guidance on what needs to be your focus at this time & where you are going based on your current thought processes. 

Remote Readings via Zoom, Phone & Email In-Person in Twickenham.

About Emma Hands

Helping others be the best version of themselves.

Emma is an Award-Winning Reiki Energy Master and Teacher, Spiritual Coach and Mentor and an intuitive, empathetic, clairsentient soul on a journey to help as many of you as possible be heal from within. She has been on a spiritual path for over 20 years, starting with crystals, and loves to share all that she has learnt and continues to discover about living more consciously on planet earth. Based in Richmond, Emma treats and teaches clients throughout the world with distance healing, virtual courses and weekly guidance via her blog...READ MORE


House & Office Energy Cleansing Ceremonies

Negative Energy clearing for your home & office is excellent when you feel stuck and in need of an energy shift; after a shock or trauma; a house move or an occupant suffering depression, anxiety or high stress levels. Stagnant energies have detrimental effects on your mental & physical state, overall wellbeing and success levels. Book a Home Visit or Remote Energy Clearing Ceremonies are available. All house members present during the ceremony receive In-Person orDistance Reiki Energy Healing. Complete the Contact Form or email me.


Soul Retrieval Shamanic Journeying

For collecting and healing fragmented parts of your soul lost through trauma, shock & life changing events. 'I feel like a part of me is missing' is a very apt saying for when retrieval journeys are needed.


It is totally understandable and natural that this occurs, similar to fight or flight responses, it is a self-preservation method and one that needs healing through drumming journeying. To book complete the contact form


Shamanic Journeying for Good Luck Symbols

Shamanic Journeying to find specifics symbols/talisman to unlock your inner potential and create an energy shift for manifesting your dreams. Reprogramming your old thoughts in this way then removing blockages with Reiki allows you to succeed at all that you set your mind too. Journeys support you to change your inner world, your beliefs, feeling and thoughts, to pull you in the right direction. Ceremonies are at a distance, from the comfort of your home.. In-Person will resume when England re-opens. Up to 3 Symbols can be specified per sessions. To book complete the contact form



House Cleanse

Georg, Surrey 2019

"Highly Recommend Emma. She is incredible and we really valued the house cleanse service she provided. She intuitively knows what you need" READ MORE

Crystal Reiki Treatments

Elizabeth, London 2019

"Emma is an Earth Angel that has rescued me more times than I can record. She is realistic, honest, genuine and  truly a magician at her craft" 


Distance Reiki

Kev, Sydney, Australia, 2018

After having surgery Emma has been helping me heal and doing it from London to Sydney is quite something! Possibilities are endless with positive thoughts and energy. READ MORE


  • Is stress, anxiety and absence a concern?

  • Do you have a Wellbeing Program in place?

  • Would you like to discover new ways to improve motivation & attendance to increase productivity? 

  • Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Never has the health and wellbeing of staff been more paramount. Stress is the cause of multiple health issues, fatigue, headaches, migraines, depression, lack of concentration & motivation, anxiety and even more severe diseases. If workplace stress is affecting you, your business or your staff then Reiki Treatments & Courses can help. Sessions can be conducted in your offices weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The more regular we look after our inner health the greater the results. One-off events can also be very rewarding, relaxing and restorative for everyone. More details here: Corporate Reiki Program.


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