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Innerdance Kundalini Activation 

Are you ready to access higher states of consciousness daily? Activating your Kundalini, let's you face & clear emotional physical & mental blockages NOW, & discover your hidden powers. A rebirthing, transformative, incredibly healing, journey with each Innerdance Session bringing more Joy, Love & Pleasure easily into your day. Regular Sessions either Group & 1:1, Online via Zoom or In-Person Richmond, London, UK.

Quantum Reiki Energy Healing Treatments

Quantum Healing cleanses the energy centres, within + outside of the body. Treatments relieve stress, anxiety, depression + pain; ignite the immune system, increase confidence + self-worth. Add Coaching, Sessions In-Person or Distance + Crystal & Sound Healing To BOOK + LEARN MORE

Time To Transform, THE WORLD NEEDS YOU

Treaments are In-Person, Richmond, London, UK or at a Distance Worldwide, add Coaching via Zoom to retrain your negative thought patterns 

Spiritual Life Coaching

⚛︎ mental ⚛︎ emotional ⚛︎ physical ⚛︎ spiritual ⚛︎ energetic

Guidance for your life journey, changing your thought patterns so that fear & worry are no longer part of your day. Learn how to integrate the light frequencies available to us at this time. Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Coaching to clear all that holds you back, 1:1 sessions, message via the Contact FormLEARN MORE 

Time To Get Out Of Your Own Way.

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Certified Reiki Courses

At A Time To Suit You.

Certified Usui Reiki I, II & Master/Teacher Level Courses In-Person, via Zoom. Change your life & that of those around you as you learn new ways to improve your health, wellbeing, and how to live happier every day. Benefits of Reiki: HERE, any questions:

Online via Zoom or In-Person 

House Energy Cleansing

It is super important to clear the energy within your home, as it is within yourself. We collect negative energy that is then deposited into our surroundings and gets trapped within clutter, declutter often. Cleansing advised when you feel stuck, in need of a reset; after a shock or trauma; a move + if occupants suffer from depression, anxiety or high-stress levels. Stagnant energies have detrimental effects on our mental, physical state + success levels. Contact Form 

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Handserenity Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval Shamanic Drumming Journey

For collecting & healing fragmented parts of your soul. When traumatic events, loss, abuse, accidents or anaesthesia occurs a piece of our soul becomes separated from us. To book: contact form.

Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions

Regression sessions unlock the past life activities that are holding you back in this lifetime. Often we make promises and contracts in previous lifetimes that affect our ability to manifest certain things now. To book: contact form

Handserenity Past Life Regression Sessions
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Intuitive Readings

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Readings allow you to see where you are going based on your current thought processes and the energies that surround you. With Angel Tarot & Oracle Cards. In-Person or via Zoom, Phone + Email.  


Handserenity Blog

Energy updates, spiritual growth + working with the moon cycles.

You Are Here To Live On Purpose, For A Purpose

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