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Why Should You Activate Your Transpersonal Chakras?

At this time in history, when there are higher frequency healing rays opening up to us, improving our DNA and pineal gland functionality, as the world transforms. Activating your transpersonal chakras allows your body to hold more light than ever before, helping you to evolve into a more powerful being for helping yourself and others.

The Transpersonal Chakras are outside of the physical body and hold the powerful keys to our spiritual development. The Earth is full of new cosmic energy from our solar system and galaxy and as humanity develops we are much more aware of the power and usage of tuning into these daily. The Transpersonal Chakras are known by several names: Soul and Earth Star, Stellar Gateway, Divine Gateway, Causal, Spirit and Galactic Chakra, there is five in total. They transcend the realms of the incarnated personality and when they are blocked it can weaken our ability to tune into the energies at the optimum level.

The seven chakras in the body tend to be the ones most people know about and work with. There are more blogs that I have written previously HERE. The word Chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel', literally translated it means 'Wheel of Spinning Energy'. Therefore when they are blocked we become out of sync, can feel unmotivated or unable to manifest what we desire. This is why regular Reiki Energy Healing Sessions (preferably fortnightly, at the very least monthly) are crucial to your development, growth and ability to remove stress from your world and of those around you.

The Chakras are energy centres that open our connection to the Universe, expanding our grounding to the earth and links to the universe as a whole. They allow us to draw from the powerful energies outside of our bodies and to open up our human experience and our inner truth. Everyone has their own understanding of the chakras so don't be concerned if you read different interpretations, form your own opinions based on your guidance and learning. It is vital we keep our chakras balanced, they are energy points within us that when in alignment we see improvements in our physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. It really is as important as going to the gym which is why healing modalities such as reiki need to be practised frequently. Package discounts are available for when you feel ready to commit to your healing and long-term health.

I offer a Soul Star and Earth Star Chakra Activation awakening ceremony to set in motion your connection on a higher level, to awaken the important transpersonal chakras and strengthen you each time you tune in to the energies within and around you. You can then better manage the energy upgrades as the world is metamorphosing. The process is like the Reiki Attunements, and once complete you will sense that you are elevated to accept and work with the higher energies on an expansive level.

The Soul Star is above the body and the place of the Higher Self, where your energy and consciousness meet the divine. It is the seat of the Akashic Records, which is something we need to work more closely with than ever before to reset our ancestral paths. This chakra provides Spiritual compassion, a greater connection to spirit, and heightened abilities for those working as lightworkers with energy medicine. The Sanskrit name is Sutara, meaning Holy Star, and it is the doorway of enlightenment and ascension.

The Earth Star is located approximately twelve inches below the feet, the etheric body. It is known as the 'super root' and anchor chakra, as you can imagine, due to its location, grounding us further to Mother Earth and increasing our stability and wellbeing. Awakening this chakra aids us in channeling greater positive energy from the Earth and increases our connection to it. Earth Star Activation anchors you to the powerful life force energy of Mother Earth allowing you to stay physically grounded when in complex energies or whilst working as a Lightworker.

Activations can be performed In-Person (Richmond, London, UK) or at a distance. Remote Distance Ceremonies, from the comfort of your home, are available at a time when you can relax and be undisturbed. The process takes 30 minutes, I require a recent photograph of you, your postcode (for the energetic connection) and to book a time when you can relax throughout. Email or message via the contact page with 2 - 3 time options and we can get you booked in.

Combining the Chakra Activations with a Distance or In-Person Reiki Treatment brings you to an even greater degree of balance and consciousness. The activation of your Soul and Earth Star chakras with a Reiki Treatment make it a more powerful process of awakening. It is important to cleanse all the chakras of negative blockages (it can take a few Reiki Treatments) and then complete the ceremony of activation. During and after the process you will experience an opening and influx of available, malleable light aiding your journey of healing and evolving.

Soul Star Activations open the transpersonal chakras to permit a high-frequency of light to enter your etheric field. Your Stellar Gateway measures the intensity of light you can hold; Soul Star is a filter and the Casual chakra is the centre that opens to welcome the light being sent down through the above two chakras, also intensifying the connection to the crown, third eye and throat chakras.

Have an amazing week, tomorrow is the 11.11.2022 Portal opening, another opportunity to improve your mental, emotional and physical form. If you would like an Intuitive Reading to clarify what your focus should be on right now and help you with achieving your goals and life dharma (via Zoom or In-Person); a Soul Retrieval to heal from trauma or a House Cleanse to renew your environment then do get in touch. WhatsApp, email or call with any questions.



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