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Protection from Psychic Vampires For Empaths

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

As empaths we want to see the good in everyone and help them to heal but there are certain souls that we need to avoid / protect ourselves from. When we recognise a energy vampire then we need to cleanse our energy and that of the people close to us, so we can thrive.

The below ritual is from the Masterclass by Dr Christiane Northrup MD contained within the online course: Dodging Energy Vampires. Follow the below procedure and refer back to it, whenever you feel another has tried to infiltrate your beautiful energies. Regularly applying this method when in chaos is extremely beneficial. We do great work on ourselves so lets keep our energy fields clean and cleansed from those less grounded and healed.

1st: Visualise taking a golden cord from the top of your head right down your coccyx and down your legs. See the gold cord go from the centre of your feet into the centre of the earth below.

2nd: Imagine a golden cord from right to left, through your arms & heart.

3rd: At the front centre of the body, imagine a cord through your heart, front to back.

**1 - 3 makes a golden grid around & through the body.

4th: Visualise a vortex of energy around you – counter clockwise. See it go into your heart & into your pelvis. Clear any darkness of energy, remove it, & visualise it being sucked down into the centre of the earth.

5th: Visualise there is a ball of energy in the centre of the earth that is clearing & cleansing the energy from the destructive energy vampire.

6th: Put a bubble of energy around you and visualise mirrors (facing outwards, like car wing mirror size). This will STOP people landing on you / being able to tap into you.

Finally: Take your hands to Namaste position (together at the front of your heart, a few inches from the body). Keeping them together bring them up to your 8th Chakra, above your crown chakra, a few inches above the head, and pull the energy down to your feet. This is for protection.

Many crystals can help you with this process, email me for assistance! Rosemary spray, burning frankincense, or similar, all help too. Complete the above process as often as you are called to, it is extremely grounding, balancing and protective.



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