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The Magnificent Lions Gate Portal Activation (in 8 days)

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

The annual Lion's Gate Portal Activation is once more upon us, it is a dynamic source of spiritual light and the energies are producing a supercharged ability to manifest and create miracles. It is the first time it is happening on such a magnificent scale and it is a period of great awakening. It began on 28th July, peaks on the 8th August, and finishes on the 12th, the 8th is also the next very powerful New Moon, which I will write about separately, as today's focus is this Astrological shift. (There are extensive articles on this topic but in the words of one subscriber - "I have read a lot about Lions Gate online but what you have written is the best, the most eye-opening")

The gateway occurs as the Earth, the Sun, the Orion Star system and the Sirius Star system come into alignment. The Sirius Star is the brightest star in the night sky and 26 times brighter than the Sun! The Sirian's, our Cosmic GrandFather's, are a feline species that resemble Lions, hence the name and the benevolent lion tribes of this star system are assisting humanity with this ascension process.

How much you feel the effects of this energetic gateway depends on your level of spiritual awakening. For those of us more open, in tune with, and working with the universal energies, our experiences will be heightened! Also, for those of us spiritually awake, the symptoms will be intense, challenging us to see if we can handle the energetic upgrades being provided to us.

You could be experiencing extreme emotions, excessive tiredness or alertness, just know it is all part of the process. It is a journey of activation beyond anything we have encountered and the reactions that are materialising for you will be because you need to heal that thought, feeling or action. An excessive emotional, physical, mental clearance and growth period so that we can help more souls heal their past and thrive going forwards. Us lightworkers are going through an ascension activation and whatever is in your world that is not in alignment with your authentic self will literally 'slap you around the face' until you listen! Don't be alarmed, it is so that you can heal more of what has been blocking your growth so that you can help the rest of humanity develop and live on a whole new level.

If you a questioning your job, your life, your friendships, your relationships then make that change so that you can let go of any 3D tethers that no longer resonate with you. All massive lessons so that we can go onto teach others and expand our own consciousness further. It is about 'throwing out' the previous conditioning that controlled who you were, so that you can evolve into an even more amazing being. The outdated you is no more and you may find people distance themselves from you, just be aware it is all happening as it should and it is part of your ascension journey.

I highly recommend setting strong intentions, when you are performing daily self-reiki or as you meditate, to call in and receive the cosmic upgrades of this Lion's Gate Portal. Be open and willing to accept the changes, the amplification in your manifesting abilities and the upgrading of your DNA. It is super exciting and those of us who open to it will sense, see and feel things that were previous obstacles vanish, our ancestors are guiding our path and this is a time of strong ascension for the spiritually awake.

Frequently balancing your chakras with Reiki energetic healing will increase your self-awareness, help you work on your triggers, heal from your traumas and break old patterns. It is a time of wonderful ascension for us, our ancestors are calling and guiding us. Open your heart and close down your ego so that you can hear the messages appearing to you.

Look beyond the realm of your current thinking, believe and put out to the universe that you are worthy to receive all you desire. Know that all you have learnt so far is aiding you now, if you are drawn to add to your learn, to experience something new or altar a part of you or your life then NOW is the time.

Opportunities are opening up for you, this Lion Gate's Portal is immense, beautiful and empowering. Investigate the toxins in your life, such as the products you use to clean your house, hair dye, what you cook with (tinfoil for example is toxic), all will help you with this alteration...what you eat plays a big part too (meat for example!). A time to retrain your brain, your habits and your thoughts.

Another great idea is to fully engage with the moon cycles and work with the crystals in our world. Listen to the signs, notice the synchronicities and know it is you soul's plan.

Crystals such as Black Tourmaline are very much needed to remove the negative energies from our auric fields that have built up over life times. Clear Quartz - the Master Healer - for purification and magnification; Rose Quartz to increase the love in our world, for ourselves and others.

The strength of the Lion's Gate Portal Activation is scary but enlightening and empowering and a magical time of transformation for us all. I have a new monthly subscription where we can work to transpose the world together. Email me with any questions and enquiries and we can get you booked in for some guidance. All you think, eat, listen to, watch and remain focused on, affects your strength, healing, growth and ability to transform. Remove the junk, the drama and the negative forces that hold you back from being the best version of yourself and let's very much enjoy this journey. August 8th is going to be a phenomenal day, plan, prepare and have fun practicing new ways of living on planet earth. As we raise our consciousness we in turn raise the consciousness of the planet.

Have a stunning week.



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