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Working with the Power of Sound Therapy & Energy for Ultimate Healing

The mental health of society has been severely challenged in 2020 and it is going to continue, levels are at there highest ever, and it is therefore important that we discover new ways to heal naturally, without prescribed medication. Sound Therapy, when combined with other healing modalities, such as Reiki, produces magical results. The main tuning fork I use is the 528 Hz, as it works to repair your damaged DNA and hasten healing. It is one of the six core creative frequencies of the universe and is perfect for transformation and manifesting miracles, I love it!

There are vast scientific studies on the power of sound healing for your health and wellbeing. Psychoacoustics is the branch of psychophysics that looks at sound perception and audiology, how humans perceive sound and the psychological responses it creates. We all know listening to our favourite music brings about feelings of happiness, calmness and pure joy. Everyone has varying music tastes based on how they feel, perceive the world and where they are on their life path. Specific frequencies alter our brain chemistry and life balance. Singing, for example, releases endorphins, the 'feel good' chemicals, increasing oxytocin, as we move our attention from external to internal thought, allowing the brain to recalibrate and increase euphoria.

Reiki works with the energetic body and sound healing with brain waves. Brain waves are created by the electrical signals working with neurons (cells that transmit information to nerve & gland cells, & muscles). The five bandwidths form consciousness in varying states:

  • Gamma waves (25 - 100 Hz) - fastest waves which process high volumes of information, our higher state of consciousness

  • Beta waves (12 - 30 Hz) - fast waves associated with concentration, decision making and attentive state. Typically occurring during brain-focused tasks, the waking state of consciousness

  • Alpha waves (8 - 12 Hz) - the calm state, created during daydreaming, consciously practising mindfulness & meditation

  • Theta waves (3 - 8 Hz) - occur during sleep & deep meditation

  • Delta waves (0.5 - 3 Hz) the slowest brain waves which primarily occur during REM (Dreamless sleep)

One key fact is that by connecting with the energy around you, resetting brain waves and therefore awaking your DNA, it will greatly assist you in daily warding off the many viruses that are around you. I no longer get sick, am no longer asthmatic or allergic to nuts, all since I embraced the power of the energies within and outside of us. It certainly helps that I am able help others heal and with each Reiki Treatment & Attunement I perform, I get healing too. As we relax, with Reiki, Yoga, Meditation or any form of Energetic Medicine then the DNA, the coils with us, relax so more of our genetic potential is tapped into.

Epigenetics turn the code of the DNA ‘on’ and ‘off’ – we are NOT hard wired as previously thought. Epigenetics respond to your environment and your life choices. You CAN change how your body and mind works. You are NOT stuck with disease, you do not need to take pharmaceutical medicine and you can control how your body operates, feels and functions. This is why I want people to learn to live more positively, to come and have regular Treatments or learn Reiki Level I, so they can practice daily at home. Connecting with the energy nature provides for us ignites the immune system and the original strength we were born with. Even if there are destructive genes from birth the negative genes can be turned off and turned into positive genes within.

Another way to help yourself is by reframing from negative self talk and retraining your attitude and perception. The power is in your hands, no matter what your ancestors have done, we can break the cycle. It is very much like turning the light within from a 'dimmer switch' to shining brightly and working stronger and more positively for you. Relaxation, and doing things that ignite our soul, are life changing. I know this is a topic I revisit often but I hope this has sparked a belief in yourself that you can do, and be, all that you want in this lifetime.

We are all vibrational beings and what we emit is what we attract back, this is controlled by our thoughts and our ability to release any negativity, which builds up within from our thinking, experiences and learned behaviours. A great example is, hanging onto anger, this then causes us to slow down our vibration, and therefore drawing more of the same to us. The old adage, what you put out, you get back!

Vibrational medicine is used to locate issues and correct them to the right frequency, for optimal health. Reiki is one of my most favourite ways to clear static energy and release energy blockages, as it re-balances the body, builds confidence and releases stress. When combined with crystals and sound healing, the results are amplified. Tuning forks help by bringing the body back to our fundamental pulse and connect us to our life rhythm. As with meditation, reiki, yoga, sound baths etc, tuning forks provide instantaneous relaxation!

British musician John Shore, a trumpeter and lutenist, invented Tuning Forks in 1711. They have previously, most often, been used for tuning musical instruments as they have a standard pitch, based on their vibrational levels. The pitch is dependent on the length and mass of the two prongs. Sound is a potent source of healing therapy and is commonly used for healing and restoring the body's balance. Main advantages: Relaxation; stress relief; mental clarity; increase blood flow; physical energy & concentration; integrating left and right brain thought patterns; balance the nervous system and help those on the path of attaining higher levels of consciousness.

To learn more and to book a Reiki Energy Medicine Treatment with Crystals and Sound Healing drop me an email:, WhatsApp +44 (0)7949089265 or go to the website.

Have a wonderful week taking action towards your goals and thriving with the Full Moon energy shifts.



+44 (0)7949089265

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