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Taurus Super New Moon May 2024

The energies are super high today, overnight the transformations, and growth, of each of us was huge. It is literally like we have stepped into another vortex of bliss energies, an expanded dimension, where our old 3D selves no longer reside. We have had an intense few days, as the awakening of an increased numbers of souls escalates. It is very exciting times and super important you are facing, and clearing, old karma, plus the dense energies within your soul's vessel, and releasing and transposing those bad thought patterns.

Taurus New Moon 2024

Our trust, patience, confidence and optimism are being put through their paces this Moon Cycle. The Taurus Super New Moon May 2024 is on Wednesday 8th at 04:21 London, UK; 05:21 Europe; 13:21 Sydney & Tuesday 7th in Los Angeles; 20:21 + New York 23:21. We are all, hopefully, feeling the advancement of the shifts, especially those in alignment with themselves and the energies. The peak of the energies on Tuesday/Wednesday, depending where you are in the world, are offering you opportunities of significant breakthroughs in your world. Revisiting your intentions, setting daily ones, even small ones, and pulling yourself back into the present moment, constantly, will open doorways for greater miracles to show up for you.

Welcoming magically alternates to our perception of life shifts your strength to manifest. Every time you deal with issues that would previous have debilitated you and your abilities to function with ease, you allow yourself up to receive greater downloads of the crystalline energies, further improving your mental, emotional and physical form. When a challenge shows up, a test of my resilience and self-belief, I increase my quantum field, my WiFi with the universe, to ensure the volume is turned up with my higher self, so I am sure to follow my inner guidance, in full belief of my power. We are all such powerful beings, let yourself encapsulate this, the hope and faith it supplies to you is magnificent.

Ground your energies, assist those around you by letting them be, steering them to new levels of calmness, if you feel guided to, but with no judgement. We are all unique, with differing understandings of all that is transpiring, it is important to trust yourself, to new heights. If you sense a 'guide' is not of good intentions or what they are saying feels off to you, stop following them. Our spiritual discernment is on fire, you are in charge,

We are exploring what truly brings us joy, what we want to be doing, not what we 'should' do. It is a prime time of manifestation, once you decide what is that you desire most, where you want to live, how you want to be, so you can plant the seeds these next few days. Let's create more abundance, communities and joy just by expressing our natural gifts and talents and believing all we desire is here.

Mantras to assist the Taurus energies and our skills of phenomenal growth:

  • I stand in the fullness of my power

  • My heart is open, my mind is quiet, I greet the energy upgrades with joy

  • The gratitude I express for all I have is huge

  • Infinite possibilities are mine, I AM worthy

  • I welcome the magical shifts with ease and grace

  • I AM... you fill in the blanks...because YOU are in charge and at one with all that is, life is divine.

The cosmic symphony of the stars and planets is wonderful, we are one, we are whole, we are in full trust in the process this transformative week. We tune in to ourselves, vibrate higher and live in harmony with each other. Thank you, thank you, thank you; Aho Aho Aho.

The stronger the energies of positivity and love you emanate the bigger the shifts we will see as a collective. Remember how amazing you are and do get in touch if you want to book a resetting of your energies or to activate your kundalini energies and rewire the neural pathways of your brain. Sending healing vibes to you all, enjoy the mega powerful Taurus Super New Moon and all you create.



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May 08
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Super succinct post & it resonates well! 🙂🐬

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