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Rediscovering Our Origins - Lemurian

Updated: May 6

At this pivotal time in the history of Mother Earth, delving into our ancestral past, learning the truth about ourselves, and re-remembering who we were/are is high on the agenda for many spiritual souls. I have sensed my origin was from Lemuria for some time, with multiple signs showing up over the years, and having this confirmed by my deep inner knowing, and that of other psychic souls, which has been extremely grounding, balancing and rewarding.

There are many Starseed origins and we have those that have returned in physical form, animal form, into marine life, multiple forms, so we can aid the journey of ascension. There are the Pleiadian, Arcturian, Lemurian, Andromedan, Orion, Sirian, and Lyran, to name a few.

We are upgrading our DNA templates, moving into multi dimension templates, absorbing and embodying our crystalline forms. Our 6 double helix DNA configurations, are becoming fully activated 12 strand DNA, aiding our remembering of our true abilities, origin and purpose on earth, this time around. DNA is our library of coded information, our life lessons, and the expansion of each one of us is magnificent, as we welcome in more sources of light into the body. Your time is now, it is wonderful so many of you are opening your eyes, and hearts, to the great truths of our planet and that of the universe.

Lemurian's are one of the rarest types of Starseeds, heralded as the true wisdom keeps of the planet. We have incarnated on Earth from another planet, dimension/time, and our purpose is to assist with healing Mother Gaia, helping humanity transition into a higher vibration, and to live in freedom and sovereignty.

Lemuria, also known as Mu, was a living breathing paradise filled with compassionate, knowledgeable and highly advanced loving beings. Everyone and everything were considered equal and lived in harmony with each other and the surroundings. A place where the sun never stopped shining - oh how I personally love the light, so me!

After the continent of Lemuria sank into the Pacific Ocean, the mountain tops are all that remain, what we now know as Maui and the rest of the Hawaiian Islands. Many sensed the demise of Mu and transformed into dolphins and whales – the numbers of these are expanding rapidly right now, which is very exciting. Our teams are coming together to be of service with us in numerous configurations.

We also agreed to have our memories being completely wiped out, in impregnable ways, so don’t keep fighting yourself, if you are ‘struggling’ to remember. Often, when we declare we have an inner knowing and trust that the synchronicities are showing up, they do in magnificent ways. I definitely see greater results when I fully surrender and allow the messages, signs, and inner wisdom, to provide the clarity I require for my next steps in life.


When you relate to most of the characteristics of a certain Starseed, then it is likely that this is your source origin.

Lemurian characteristics:

·       Being by the sea, or any body of water, brings you alive, initiating great peace. (My favourite place is listening to the breaking of the waves on the shore)

·       A natural healer that loves helping others

·       A highly sensitive person

·       Highly intuitive, able to read energy and people

·       Has a deep connection with nature and animals

·       A born teacher and leader

·       An old soul, with wisdom beyond their years

·       Spent life feeling like a misfit/an outsider

·       Lemurian crystals, & crystals in general, are super important to them

·       Possess powerful telepathic abilities

·       Sense their roots are on Mother Gaia, with a strong pull/interest in the power of the stars, moon & sun

·       Have always felt different because others didn’t understand what was going on inside their head

·       You run/want to run a heart-based project/business to benefit the world as a whole

Also, feeling connected to/are drawn to Saint Germain (SG), the keeper of the violet flame.

Mount Shasta in California too, as the violet flame energies are strong there, Lemuria's inhabit the underground areas, along with the Telosian humanoids – not a place I am drawn to visit, but that is perhaps because dark forces are very prevalent in the powerful key spots around the world – trying to dampen our strengths, abilities and belief in our own power to help humanity to transform into a world of peace, love and unity. I connect with SG + the violet flame constantly, especially when performing Quantum Healing sessions, working with the physical + etheric body for multi-dimensional soul healing.

Lemurian Wheel Sacred Geometry

When you feel pulled towards a certain part of the world, that can also be a sign of your roots. The paradise island of Ibiza, for example, is one of the few remaining pieces of Atlantis, it has always felt like home to me. We had Mu, then Atlantis, lots of us were resided on both. Hawaii, the remaining Mu, I will visit but have never been called to live there, places of powerful spiritual healing, attract many broken souls, so the energies can be debilitating for the empaths amongst us, especially with the luciferian energies being so widespread. It is like the fact many churches throughout the world were built on leylines, to try and dampen the energetic powers of Mother Gaia, and all who reside on her, the satanic ones attempt this on key parts of spiritual power on earth.


Please trust in yourself to new heights now, our calling is to step up our ‘game’ and integrate the new energies amongst a wider expanse of the collective and remove the old draconian strong hold on the often blindsided individuals. Up your self-care, and protection fields, every single moment of the day, to not leave yourself open to harm, to infiltration by the shite ones, to anything that lowers your vibration.

Understanding our source and learning the attributes, helps to explain what we see, sense and feel, and what we are bringing to life. I hope this blog helps some of you and I will continue to write about the other traits of the magical Starseeds here on earth. We are here creating a magical ONENESS, a unity consciousness of LOVE, JOY & HAPPINESS.



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Updated + republished May 2024

If I can be of further assistance/guidance on your expansive growth journey, then let me know. All services are available globally, via Zoom or fully remote, depending on the service:

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