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Connecting With Your Higher Self, 5D Living

Updated: May 16

Your higher self is your divine self, the guardian of all the mastery you have achieved in your life times. It is the evolved version of you, the god source within you, supplying you with the greatest ability to live in ease, in balance, and in the non-duality of 5D, in the vibrations of New Earth. It is learning to put your faith and trust in yourself. How do you know for sure? How do you trust your intuition? It is not about trust parse; it is about purposefulness. Your higher self will never deceive you, your lower self might because it has multiple agendas that it is trying to serve. Your higher is so connected to God source that there is only one choice, a wonderful life compass.

There is a heavy presence of negative forces, we have imposters, entities, discarnates, and negative energetic imprints (from former relationships, teachers, 'friends') that are trying to interfere with our quantum energy fields. To ensure their removal when communicating with your higher self say: "If you are not 100% God light, please leave". When you are fully connected to yourself, the shadow work is complete, and you are done judging and doubting yourself, and others, then thriving is simple, full stop. Please end the waiting for the right time, I will change when, I know I shouldn't moan but...blah blah.

Higher self vs Lower self

Lower self = limit in scope, it is the child in you = your desire body, your emotional body, the little girl/boy within you that is needing attention, to feel loved. When you enter a room and the energies are not good, your lower self is guiding you; if you need to get off the road, which is wonderful, it is not bad. It is just limited in scope to be able to assist your life is easy path as we merge into 5D. Reactive responses that can be influenced by others when making decisions. Great for the insignificant questions: what should I eat to best nourish my body. Your lower self is what impacts pendulums when using them, and other divination tools. We don't need these; we do not require anything outside of ourselves when making divine life choices. We have all the answers inside of all of us, trust and believe in yourself in a magnified way as the energies continue to upgrade.

Merkaba Energy Field

Higher self = proactive and allows you to not even be put in events and situations that aren't for you, that don't deserve your energy. It will take you into the zone, away from 'danger' and complicated circumstances. It is our 5D power tool, that is free, available 24/7 and wants to aid your life journey, it is magnificent when you use it constantly.

There are practices you can engage into, asking your lower self for responses for insignificant things, to get used to the connections with more clarity. It is also possible to ask: Thank you for giving me a signal or symbol for yes; for no and for neutral - meditate/tune within and believe in the messages. These can be in the form of an itchy left ear for yes and so on. We have free will on every choice we make, the higher self is our inner orbit of truth and wants to play the game of life with us.

Specify: Is this my Higher Self saying/agreeing with this action/attending that event? Whatever you wish to receive guidance on.

5D has no polarity, no right and wrong and please remember your environment and the people within it can influence you communication channel with yourself. Take yourself out of that environment, even for 10 minutes, when you need to reconnect and check in with yourself. Your higher self is available to you now, you are a miraculous, advanced sovereign being. Make the most of what is on offer to you NOW, there is no need to wait, use your innate inner wisdom, knowledge and guidance today.

Ground yourself, so you manage your DNA upgrading and fly through the massive energy shifts coming in this week and weekend. Activate your outer energy field, your Merkaba, before starting anything each day, ask that it protects you, and enjoy this beautiful ride of life unfolding for us all. Keep vibrating high, you have got this. It is the time to follow through on what it is that you truly want in life, your biggest dreams, desires and heart felt manifestations. When you are fully connected with your divinity there is only one choice, the god choice, your 5D path of living in heaven on earth.

You are supposed to feel good; life is meant to be good for you, you are a powerful creator and here to have fun. I love you, continue working on improving you and the magic will continue to unfold for you and those in your world. Enjoy connecting with your higher self to be the best person you can be effortlessly, 5D living is here.



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