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Evolutionary September New Moon Energies

Happy New Moon week, how are you feeling? How are the impending shifts affecting you and those around you? Symptoms include the inability to sleep at various times in the night; vivid dreams; unexpected emotional turmoil that materialises as upset stomachs, as we hold onto the issues. Please know that it is all part of the journey until we begin the new lunar cycle and do book in for a distance or in-person Reiki session to cleanse your soul's vessel as soon as you can, so we can increase your spiritual awakening.

The next New Moon is in Virgo on Monday 6th September at 17.51pm PDT, 20.51pm EST and on Tuesday 7th at 1.51am UK and 10.51am AEST. Virgo energies will help you with your manifesting strength and I highly recommend finding sometime this week to apply Feng Shui to your home and your mind. Empty that cupboard, declutter your closet and do the same with your mind too! A resetting of your thoughts and perceptions is encouraged with the energies as we approach Monday/Tuesday's shifts. The logical and practical traits of the earth sign of Virgo can assist us too, just avoid the overthinking habits, it does not alter the outcome of situations and wastes valuable thinking time!

Clear, concise and high achieving intention setting is our goal over the next few days, calling in our discernment and opening our hearts and minds to the exciting changes to strengthen our resolve and success levels. Dream big earth angels, the universe wants to assist you so throw out the negative daily self-talk, the complaining and moaning and make gratitude your focus. I have recently seen the most amazing results when I am very direct on the goal I wish to achieve and take the action needed to bring it into fruition.

The 3D world is in a funk, internet issues, corruption, disruption, natural disasters, battles and the most extreme negative news reports. The good news is never shared via the is like we get to a level of calm and freedom then more fear is injected into the media stories, to ensure those who consume the mainstream media are kept in exacerbated degrees of stress, uncertainty and worry that is so not needed yet is pumped out daily. Huge protests are occurring throughout the world yet are hidden from view of those watching the news.

We are all here for a reason, here to help the world upgrade and evolve as we go through a rebirth and massive spiritual awakenings for so many. We are being guided to connect with our inner child, heal old generational and ancestral wounds and embrace the fun side of ourselves. Allow thoughts to show up so that old habits can be removed, attitudes changed and wonderful new beliefs in yourself and those around you to emerge. Up your self-care practices, turn off the news and study that book, course or paint a picture, play an instrument...allow your creativity to flow in a beautiful new way. This will then help you with the energy imbalances and lead you to seek out new adventures, activities, friendships, ways to nourish your soul and grow within. Identify triggers that set you off, healing is not a bundle of laughs but my goodness it is so worth it in the end. It is time to break generational patterns and reset the trajectory of your family lines and to welcome in the positive transformations the world is experiencing.

Add in addition grounding work to your daily schedule, go for a walk on the grass barefoot, visualise roots going down from your feet into mother earth and apply the protection rituals when you are called to enter difficult situations. Thinking outside the box is needed, we are more than our physical form, we have (at least) 12 chakras that emanate outside of our bodies and allow a far stronger connection to the universe, the earth and all that is available to us.

Have a stunning week and comment with any questions or details of your own journey of awakening. New Moon Ritual suggestion via the link, your main priority is intention setting and increasing the belief in YOU.



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