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Tumultuous Full Moon Energies October 2020

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Where to begin...2020 has seen us endure incredible challenges and transformations, of our individual lives and that of the world as a whole. The unsettling and demanding energies are continuing for the remainder of this year and as we enter 2021. The next 8 - 10 weeks are going to be the most intense so far. It is therefore paramount to prepare, plan, breathe and release!!! Completing the Releasing Ritual tomorrow is a very important action for the many of us wanting to clear the past, realign our energies and start anew. This will very much help to strengthen our resolve and our ability to thrive. It is time to clear another set of key areas from the past, retrain our behaviours and become even more magnificent souls.

October commences with the Full Moon in Aries (the first of 2 this month!) on the 1st at 10.05pm (UK), 2.05pm (PST), fuelling the surge in dramatic events and actions that are emerging. We must work super hard to regularly clear our energies, protect them, and learn daily from our reactions to all that is quiet literally being 'thrown at us'. The thoughts and feelings that arise, if negative and destructive, are signs of all that we need to work on and cleanse, and the bad habits we need to adjust in our thought patterns. Anger is one such emotion that is associated with the sign of Aries, the warrior zodiac, and you could well find it surfacing unexpectedly and unnecessary but working through why you or those around you reacting this way. Another lesson in there for us, for sure.

Tumultuous is one word to explain all we are feeling, know that you are not alone, reach out to others and support those you love. The amplified intensity of the energies will be felt by each one of us in our own way, our uniqueness is also our strength.

Yesterday (29th September) it felt like we hit a brick wall, I know I personally felt it, but today is a new day. Lots of planetary changes are occurring, magnifying the turbulent energies and situations showing up for us. Breathe, release and know you are amazing! We are all here for a reason, to help improve planet earth and all who reside in it. Have fun and work on yourself, so that you can allow yourself to enjoy even the most demanding episodes of your journey. Cleanse the toxicity with Reiki Energy Healing Treatments, go walking in nature, practice yoga, whatever helps you to realign your energies and relax. A great time to learn a new skill, take up that hobby you have been wanting to start, anything that allows you to distract from the struggles/ growth challenges that are materialising.



I AM...meant to be in this physical form at this time.

Anyone that has felt as very young souls, 'Do I have a right to exist?' 'Should I live on this planet in physical form at this time?' Then know that now is your opportunity to turn this into an amazing leadership, a magnificent power to help the world improve.

Our freedoms have been encumbered, our status quo has imploded and therefore we have a massive chance to transform our thoughts, habits and behaviours. Extreme energy does not imply all negativity & fear based experiences; it is also happy, powerful and exuberant frequencies that are calling us. Black Moon Lilith is showing up (do Google her to learn more!), a strong divine feminine energy that represents our primitive impulses, she does not abide by the rules. A raw untamed goddess symbolising repressed sexuality, vulnerability and unexpressed desires. Be open to all you are feeling, allow your true self to metamorphosis and continue to learn and grow.

If all the above isn't enough, then Mercury goes Retrograde on 14th October - 3rd November in the UK, read more about this in my previous Blog. For you personally, sign those contracts, finalise everything, ready for the period of planning and preparation until 3rd November. The end is actually Election Day in America - I definitely think a delay, a disruption, a time of chaos, is on the cards for the USA. Fiery, sometimes riotous, rebellious actions are going to occur in certain areas of the world. Shocks, disclosures, life-altering news is surfacing and potentially greater rules and regulations coming into place. Drama is not going to continue forever, we are here to learn far greater ways to survive in adverse, chaotic situations.

Time to turn on to the energies, wake up to a spiritual way of living and maximise your ability to turn chaos into calmness, to chuck out the negativity and blossom. Let's create a very different tomorrow for all the young souls emerging. Life is for living, for laughter, love and excitement. Stress does not have to be in our lives daily, we are allowed to be happy. Happiness is most definitely an inside job. Enjoy the journey and if you need help get in touch, I can teach you Self-Reiki practices, cleanse your home and your energies with Reiki Energy Treatments and provide a Spiritual Mentor programme for your journey.

This may sound mind blowing, scary and uncertain BUT the point is, we are being challenged so that we can grow. It is a chapter of fast, exciting energies too, work with the frequencies that surround you and embrace all that nature provides. Fear is not our friend; we are here to be happy, heard and helpful to the journey of others. Have an amazing ride with the energy shifts emerging with this Full Moon.



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