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Super New Moon January 2022

A disruptive, unsettled, week of emotional challenges and discombobulation, as we close 2021 and approach the first New Moon of 2022. It is a good idea to use this week to clear energy blockages within your soul's vessel, so that you are open to the growth of mankind and to allow you to navigate the changes with ease. The transformation of the way we live is an event that will go down in history, it is super interesting that we have chosen to be on earth at this time. For those trained in Reiki, applying self-reiki daily will be super beneficial to aid your ability to ground, feel motivated, and able to dream big. Disease and illness happen when there is a breakdown in the bodies energy system, which we can control ourselves. Your health, fitness and mental calmness are yours to manage, look at resetting old habits, if they do not allow you to thrive daily. Your immune system will thank you for working on yourself and ensuring you eradicate dis-ease within your life. Clearing and resetting the Sacral and Root Chakra greatly aids your ability to manifest your dreams.

On Sunday 2nd January, we have the Super New Moon in Capricorn at 18:33 (London, UK) | 10:33 (LA) |13:33 (NY) and on Monday 3rd January at 05.33am in Sydney, Australia. Amazing it falls so close to the New Year making it the perfect week to begin to prepare clear intentions for the energy transformations and the expansion of your personal world. Everything is on offer to you, you must be precise and write down that which we most desire, as the Universe needs clarity of our goals. Enjoy planning your achievements for 2022, seeing them as in place now, and manifesting them in-situ very soon. When we believe, we achieve greatness, help more of the world evolve, and bring a strong level of determination to our lives.

2022 won’t be without its challenges but remember they are lessons for our development and empowerment. Once you look at something as 'what are you here to teach me' rather than the victim mindset of 'why is this happening to me' then your thoughts and life transform. Our ultimate calling is to realise our potential and our worth within humanity, so that fear, anxiety and stress can be removed. Living in heaven on earth, with all the joy, abundance and love that is on offer to us is a fun way to live. The bad habits of the past need to be removed, I can aid you with this, with a series of Reiki Treatments and Coaching. Each session peels back the layers of emotions so that we can get to the deep seated, long held negative, hurtful and troubled feelings. Clearing the old, once and for all, is a hugely transformative journey that benefits you and all of those in your life.

For the next 3 years, 2022 - 2024, we are going to see a quantum leap in the way that we live, what we feel, and how we function daily. Three years of the metamorphosis of humanity, to allow nature to flourish, us to enjoy more of life and help the generations following us to behave in a brand new way. You can influence your every thought, feeling and action, so that you can reach for the stars. We are going to be challenged, stress is going to still try and be applied by the mainstream media and fear will remain their focus. Turning off the news is a powerful tool that aids your strength, courage and capacity to love, laugh and dance. Let's bring more joy into our lives, no matter what is going on around us. Welcome in the new energies, in the events, situations and people that show up to confront you and awaken different emotions and responses from you, as your journey evolves. Healing hurts but it is worth the pain in order to live in a whole new, more joyful, way.

Cleanse, charge and re-program your crystals to aid with your intentions. Key Crystals for 2022 include Amazonite - courage and strength; Clear Quartz - the master healer for your journey; Dragon Stone - dream manifestation; Jasper Fruit Wand - crystal wands work on the energetic and etheric levels of the body and are great for activating the chakras, They can also be used to cleanse your other crystals, set an intention and move them over your collection whenever you are looking for a reset/change in circumstances; Shungite - the miracle stone - Merkaba's mean light-spirit-body and are super powerful energy spheres in which everything exists. They help your journey to awake fully to other dimensions of unity and love that exist beyond the mind; Rose Quartz - unconditional love for yourself and others, super important right now: Labradorite - banish insecurities; Serpentine - releasing fear and Hematite - grounding, as the energies shift and encourage change.

Plan your month fully and start any projects ready for the next Mercury Retrograde (MR) on 14th January 2022 - 3rd February 2022. We should always be aware of a shadow period with MR, at least 5 days afterwards, to be sure of success with new projects, contacts and events.

Spiritual beings come in many forms and as more of you wake up to using your intuition and senses for your next steps then we will evolve. We need to put in the 'work', to take action on our dreams so we can manifest that which is meant for us. Happy New Year, New Moon and intention setting week. If you are drawn to burn the words that no longer resonate with you then please do so on Sunday, or within 24 hours either side. The New Moon energies ask that we release and plan for the next phase of our lives. 2022 is a year of strength and courage, as we learn to improve our mindsets, release the past and open more fully to the opportunities open to us.

Questions to ask yourself, as you write your intentions for 2022:

What are you most grateful for, that you achieved in 2021?

What are your 6 biggest desires for 2022?

How open are you to the miracles on offer to you?

How committed are you to working on your inner healing, for further personal expansion this new year?

What do you most want to change about your perception and thought processes?

Let's make laughter, joy and abundance our biggest focus for 2022, we were born to shine.



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