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Energy Work

Treatments, ceremonies and courses to repair your past and present issues caused by negative life events, learned behaviours and past life encounters.

We are naturally affected by our experiences, other peoples energies, and the places we live, work and visit. Learning to work with the energy that surround, and are within in you, and re-training your thought processes to clear past bad negative habits is life changing. Book a series of Reiki Treatments with Crystal or Sound Healing or Spiritual and Soul Coaching and we can heighten your journey of healing.


Energy gets trapped with our homes and offices the same way it does with us so performing House & Office Cleansing Ceremonies frequently is paramount. Animal Reiki helps your pets remove the stress and any dis-ease they have taken on from their experiences + their guardians.


If you ' feel like a piece of me is missing', then we can go and retrieve the lost part of you with a Shamanic Soul Retrieval Drumming Journey. When you sense that something that occurred in your past life is preventing you from moving forward in this lifetime then a Past Life Regression is recommended. For those affected by energy vampires that they sense can still tap into their energy fields (especially from intimacy) I can perform an Energetic Imprint Removal. Other Shamanic services I offer are collecting your Power Animal, so you can connect + work with your current animal totem and Good Luck Symbols to find a specific talisman to create an energy shift for manifesting your dreams. Advanced Reiki Services include Psychic Surgery for healing extreme blockages and those created by di-sease. Feel free to email with any questions, this really is your time to shine!

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