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Spiritual Meaning of Animal Sightings VI

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

We are consistently sent signs and guidance from the universe and our angels in the spirit realm, and learning to recognise the synchronicities help us when making decisions (even small ones), allowing us to connect to those that have left the physical form, and open up to the fact we are not alone on this path. Frequent animal, insect, page titles, songs, street names, posters and so on, are all ways they send us messages, to connect with us and to assist our journey. If we don't listen to the sign then it will continue to show up, until we fully hear the messages.

I frequently see Squirrels during my walks in nature (I am blessed to live close by to so much) but they have been making more of a point to grab my attention. One day they appeared when I sat in my back garden, hung out all day in the front garden and then I saw multiple sightings, as I walked in the Gardens by my home. The Spiritual meaning of Squirrel sightings are a reminder to not take life to seriously, to ensure pure fun, laughter and play are high on our to-do list (aside from the mundane tasks). They are energetic creatures, encouraging us to adjust and adapt easily as new situations present themselves. They represent rebirth, renewal and lightness, perfect at this time of human evolution. Be prepared, as magic and magnificence is unfolding. They show up to help you ‘Find Your Voice’.

I see Heron's along the river frequently and they are symbols of stability and balance and want us to tap into our knowledge and wisdom and understand how self-reliant we are. They have a deep sense of contentment in all they do, so are a reminder that life is easy, when we choose it to be so! As perceptive and grounded birds, they want us to connect with Mother Earth and appreciate that she nourishes our soul daily.

I was very lucky to see our local Seal in the River Thames recently, sightings can be via the internet, books, signs in shops, it does not always need to be a physical sighting. Just know if it has relevance to you then it will appear to you somehow and then you can investigate it's spiritual meaning. Seal's want us to listen to our imagination and inspire more creativity into our lives. They are playful and a message to unite with our inner child to allow more joy into our lives. As symbols of good luck, let yourself believe in your ability to manifest all you desire into the here and now. A prompt to explore your emotions and whether they are benefiting you in the best way. Our thoughts create our world and this comes in the form of good and bad, so check in with yourself daily. We can be the most abusive to ourselves and it is time for this to stop.

Bats are a sign of big life changes heading your way, how very exciting! Everything that happens, even if it is unsettling, takes us onto a greater path of growth and personal expansion. They help us to face the darkness, that which needs healing, and ensure we feel supported, protected and empowered. They are highly sensitive beings, as many of us are, and want us to be aware of all that is occurring, internally and externally and for us to learn to better manage our emotions and reactions. Once we fully accept ourselves then any fear and unsettling experiences have far less detrimental effects on us, we see them for what they are, as lessons for our personal growth.

Noticing a sigh containing Owls, seeing, hearing, picking up a book with them on etc, is a representation of 'death', meaning transformation and change, opening a doorway to wonderful new beginnings. Time to listen to your intuition in a greater way, gain a higher understanding and evolution of your perspective on everything, including yourself. Dependent on what colour they are, how, when, where they appear to you, then their messages adjust. In general they are a sure sign of abundance, of your resources expanding when we are embodied in a positive light. Anything you have been trying to ignore, put off facing, could potentially 'bite you on the bum' until you deal with it! This can come in the form of accidents, 'sickness' or broken plans, so take some time to look within you. Are you doing what you love? Are you fulfilled? So many questions but you will know what it is you need to do, trust your intuition and allow yourself to thrive, it is your time.

Nothing shows up to cause us stress, sightings appear to help us, guide us, and bring us clarity on our next steps. Trust your heart, your own guidance, above all else, and you will thrive. The communication from the galactic realms is increasing, as more awaken and ask for signs and guidance for their life path, happy manifesting!

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Have a life-changing week.



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