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Spiritual Meaning of Animals Part 5

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Animal sightings have extensive meanings and so it is important for you to take your own interpretations from each, as it depends what you are experiencing right now, on a personal level. The messages will always be unique to you so trust your heart, your inner voice, as you encounter synchronicities from the universal energies that surround you, to aid your growth, interconnectedness with nature, and the life lessons that will help shape your world.

Deer - recently I experienced a large group of attentive Deer (very much felt them watching me) which brought me to investigate their spiritual meaning. Three of them (at different points) walked directly towards me – signifying my spiritual centres are active and that they were attracted to my high vibrational energy…I had to alter my route as they came very close! Their energetic combination of air and earth provide us with grounding earth energy and inspiring cosmic energy. Deer have a strong spiritual connection and seeing them requires that we consider our energetic survival needs – negative people can leave us feeling very depleted and defeated. Time to ramp up energy protection practices and a reminder of our deeper connection to friends and family – the unconditional love they bring to our world. They represent intuition, self-awareness, graceful action, inner peace and tranquility.

Turtles keep showing up for me on the internet, in books etc, sightings do not have to be in the physical form, their meaning is still a message from your guides to aid your life path. They are sacred animals that are a reminder of your ability to heal yourself; your perseverance in challenging times and your intuitive development, strength and determination skills. They offer protection, wisdom and patience as we increase our intuitive capabilities and enhance our connection with Mother Earth. If your creativity has been 'off' lately then know they are guiding you to a resurgence, to support your manifesting and dream realisations now.

Donkey - as we are almost through Mercury Retrograde, they can appear to you as a prompt to finish what you started before the planet alignment began. They inspire you to say 'No' and stand strong when you are asked to do stuff that goes against your personal beliefs. An animal of the now as so many more people awaken to the untruths of the last few years. You do not need the approval of others, only of yourself, please don't forget this when your opinions are questioned. Others can try and put us down or slow our progress, when they become jealous of our advancement towards our goals. Donkeys are tough and resilient, like you, so stand strong, offer kindness and take pride in showing your love and happiness to be of service to others as they heal and transform.

Dogs, as many of us know, signify unconditional love, loyalty and protection for all that come into contact with them. They make a wonderful companion, ally and supporter for their owners, a great comfort in times of need. It is incredible how much dogs and cats take on so that their guardians will not suffer, illness, stress, emotional, physical and mental behaviour's. When I go to do Animal Reiki, it is most often the owners that need a session first, so that they can deal with all that they have going on. I have to communicate to them that all I am releasing is not then going to return to their guardians, as this is a massive fear they hold. One can appear for you as a note to self that if you are going through a period of confusion and taking care of others, over yourself, that this needs to change. Your needs must be put first, so that you can rebalance your world and move forwards. If you experience an aggressive dog then that is because of the care, or lack of, given to them during their time on earth, in this or past life times.

Cats make excellent companions, sensing when you need extra love and attention, even if this is displayed as them needing affection. They are our nudges to love ourselves more and their independence, curiosity and serenity help heighten the same attributes within their guardians. Enjoy the little luxuries of life, invite more elegance and self-love into your day. Even the chaos they can cause is a cue to not take life so seriously, play and increase the joy in your world. They can appear standoffish and unfriendly to some but this can reflect the energies the human is giving off! We emit energies that can be interpreted in many ways by animals, our insecurity or anxiety can be taken as a dislike by them. A great lesson in what you give out can bounce back to you, in an energetic manner.

Dolphins are another wonderful prompt to bring more joy into your life with the energies they display, even if your sighting has been online. A transformative time for you as your psychic abilities are strengthening and they definitely have metaphysical powers. They want to help you with decision making and realising your immediate and future plans for a more joy filled life. They are similar to humans in so many ways, with their caring nature, intuitive senses and ability to communicate with each other. Perhaps your communication has been compromised recently or you are confused about your next steps, they are here to help. Take time to meditate or go out in nature, whatever helps to quiet your mind and truly feel what it is that you should be doing with your day, week and life as a whole. Perhaps decide to work on your psychic and intuitive capabilities that you hold within in and that need nurturing for your personal expansion.

It is always super interesting what appears for us, what messages our angels, guides and dragons want us to have, in order that we can develop into the magical, powerful and loving beings that we were born to be. Our life path was set out for us pre-birth, often by us, which is why I am hopeful more people will discover that everything is a choice, that our actions can lead to amazing manifesting and happiness starting today. They are often a guide to show you that which you most need to work on and heal from within yourself. Our goal this year is most certainly to laugh, love and dance more than ever. I truly hope more of you are awakening to the energies that surround you so that we can manifest heaven on earth for everyone.



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