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Spiritual Meaning of Animal Sightings

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

I am often asked about the spiritual meaning of sightings that my clients experience when they are out and about and so have made the most common ones the topic of this week's blog. Repeatedly seeing the same one is the universe asking you to focus on the areas of personal growth specific to the animal that you encounter.

Crow's show up to remind us of the magic and mystery of life, our ability to metamorphosis and to remember the good luck that surrounds us. They symbolise a new phase in our lives, as we let go of the past, and allow ourselves to be reborn. Previously thought to mean death, spiritually they mean the death / ending of a period in our lives, as we transform and re-evaluate our personality and begin living our true identity.

Dragonfly's symbolise love, happiness, hope, and self-realisation. Mental and emotional changes and acquiring a deeper understanding of life and our time in the physical form. They fly above the water, rising above it, a sign for us to investigate deeper aspects of being and releasing self-limiting beliefs that we have acquired throughout life and that are blocking our growth. The iridescent colours it produces, as it flows, signify discovering our true dharma, removing doubt and allowing ourself to thrive. A signal to live in the moment and be aware of our own strengths, abilities, and capabilities to restyle our world.

I often see one Magpie, which I previously thought was 'bad luck,' because of superstition, but they are actually a reminder that material things do not matter. It is a sign to reassess our priorities in order to truly nurture our creativity and discover what brings us happiness (making lists and visualising things in-situ works wonders!). Opportunities are here now, it is time to take greater action and risks to achieve our desires. Be sure to communicate clearer and to dream bigger than ever before! It is our time to shine. The Magpie totem is a good luck symbol that portends to greater joy, love and fortune entering our world. Coming across them regularly is the universe asking us to set more intentions to embody our hopes and ambitions.

Seeing a flock of Birds is a lovely spiritual sighting, a good omen and an indication to recall all we have achieved, so far, in this lifetime. They are asking us to be assertive in a group, not to worry about what others say and to make sure we communicate clearly. Do not read stuff into what others say, release the ego and enjoy the here and now. Perception is everything, be strong in our truth and remember to love ourselves lots. Observing birds epitomises freedom, independence, desire and new ideas.

Butterflies represent joy, happiness and rebirth. They show up to encourage us to analyse our personality and the areas that could benefit from a fresh start. This can simply be not talking about the negative parts of our day and instead focusing on the good that we experience. When we focus on the positive, we attract positive events. What 'went wrong' does not matter, it is like worrying for the sake of it - it never changes the outcome, so why bother? They appear as an indication life can be lighthearted, we can go through a metamorphosis, as they do, and change our perspective on the world and live more carefree. They are beautiful and life can be too! Seeing white ones is always a sign for myself that my grandparents are around.

Duck sightings represent emotions, the need for greater protection and to learn ways to glide through life more easily. A sign to stop getting caught up in 'stuff' and worrying about what is going on in the external world and instead having more fun. Learning ways to safeguard our energy field is an excellent idea. Have a look at my previous blogs about protection to help ward off and release the negativity of others.

Feathers represent spiritual realms and divinity and show up as we find a new level of mental freedom and spiritual growth. A magical comforting sign that you are connect to your higher self and co-creating with the universe. Seeing them is a sign from the Angels that they are always close by and working with you to aid the manifestation of your dreams.

Ladybirds represent good luck, protection and positive energies. Good things are coming your way, a time of renewal + transformation for you . A reminder of the resilience you have to keep achieving greatness and evolving with the energies, as the world upgrades. When they land of you, they are a kiss of good luck, a sign of true love entering/growing within your life. A time of metamorphosis for you. The red ones with black spots are particularly auspicious. Orange ones symbolise creativity, fertility + overall health. Yellow ladybirds signify new energy.



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jessica roy
jessica roy
21 de mar. de 2021

how about a red fox! crossed my path on a 4 lane road, made it across fine

21 de mar. de 2021
Respondendo a

Hello Jessica, foxes are wise messengers, have great healing powers and they showed up for you to point out that a change is needed to achieve the personal growth you have long been desiring. Seeing them is a big sign that you need to 'take that leap' about that which you have been procrastinating about! Good luck 😇 Namaste

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