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Spiritual Meaning of Animal Sightings Part 4

Spiritual Animal sightings include seeing them anywhere, like on the internet; on a product or in nature. Whenever they appear they are calling for your attention to give you a message from your guides to aid you with your life direction; when making decisions or when you are looking for general guidance for your next steps.

Below I am going to cover animals that are very much in alignment with the Shamanic way of living and some will become your Power Animals, you can have up to 13 in your lifetime and doing a drumming journey can aid you in discovering your most dominant one at this time.

Dolphins are often regarded as more intelligent than humans and when they frequently appear in your world, you are encouraged to fully experience your emotions and grow your spiritual existence, filling your life with greater peace and harmony. They appear to let you know you are protected and are encouraged to rediscover your playful side and throw out any overthinking habits because they do not serve you. Laughter is truly a wonderful 'medicine' for the heart, mind and soul.

Whale's ask that you listen to your inner voice more and explore why you are at this point in your life, to own your inner truth and remove the drama of others from your world. Working with them draws you back into true reality, nurturing you to awaken to a new level through physical and emotional healing. Your creativity and your voice cannot be vanquished, you are here to be heard. Believe in the wisdom you hold and work on your communication with yourself and others.

During a shamanic drumming journey this week I discovered that the Jaguar is one of my power animals, which makes sense as they are often with those who possess a deeper understanding of life. They are elegant, mysterious, secretive beings that show up to assist us in resolving old issues and providing a spiritual rebirth and strengthening of our capability to help others heal. They are the gatekeepers to the unknown that assisting us in reaffirming our inner power and further awakening our core energy (our Kundalini). Jaguar power animals reinforce our confidence, passion and spiritual power and ability to tune into our intuition for daily guidance and courage.

Hummingbird's are symbols of love and joy that allow your heart to open to greater happiness and sensual manifesting. Their feathers open the heart chakra and the way they fly backward and sideways and stop in their tracks whilst flying is a message for you to live in the NOW, what happened in the past or what may happen in the future does not matter, today is your focus. Independence, resurrection. eternity and abundance are the traits that they awaken in you as their wings move in the pattern of the infinity symbol.

Sighting of Snakes and Serpents want you to shed yourself of your limitations and to increase your self-belief and self-love. It is a time of transformation for you and copious amount of creativity and transformation. If fertility is your path then them frequently showing up in your life is a wonderful sign. They shed their skin and allow for a rebirthing, a wonderful metaphor for our lives, it is time to give birth to your greatest dreams and desires.

Wolves signify a deep connection with your instincts and intuition, denoting a renewed appetite to live a life of freedom, without fear, worry or judgement. You have a sharp intelligence to deal with the important stuff, trust your gut instincts and believe in yourself and your capabilities to thrive (even in chaos). You are confident to 'break away from the pack' and be your authentic self, even if this upsets the apple cart for others. Seeing them is a sign to fully trust in YOU and all that you can become.

There are many more types of power animals such as: Orcas, Owls, Spiders, Tigers, Bear Cubs, Eagles and Horses. I am sure I will write about this topic once more, if you would like to do a drumming journey then we can go and retrieve your power animal, good luck symbol or do a Soul Retrieval, for restoring the fragmented parts of your soul. Drop me an email with any questions or to book your session:



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